Raise of hands, whose pumps gave them blisters when there were no band-aid in sight?! How about ripping off a button of a blouse right around the chest area? Story-of-my-life! It’s situations like these that made turn my drawer into a toolkit. This way, I can attend to any emmergency that comes my way. So I thought, why not share the wisdom? Here are things to keep at your desk at all time. Of course you have your pens & pencils, calculator, blah blah blah – I won’t bore you with the basics, let’s get right into the good stuff:

1- Sweing Kit: I call it the holy grail. You don’t need to be a pro to sew on a button and it could literally save you from making a total fool of yourself if you pop a button off your blouse in the worst place, 5 mins before an important meeting with the entire management team! It doesn’t need to be big and fancy, a small kit with a needle, threads, extra buttons & mini scissors will resolve any sewing emmergency. Check out this Itlian Sewing Kit, perfect for travel too

2- Band-aid: Or you may as well call them life savers! The number of time I got a paper cut at the office or a blister from the pumps I was wearing – honestly countless. You need a box of these at your desk at all time! I usually get the regular transparent ones, but every now and then I like to opt for a cute little box like this Adult Mickey pack

3- Notebook: Now, this is not your regular notebook where you’d take your meeting notes, no no – this is your “Big Ideas” notebook  when inspiration of any kind strikes. Humans process around 60K thoughts a day and some of them are pure gold! That’s usually when most of my blog ideas flow, in the middle of the day as I’m sewing back that button ;) If you don’t write it down, it’s gone! So equip yourself with a little book of BIG IDEAS

4-Flats: Another thing that should be part of the “things to keep at your desk” are a black pair of flats! After running around with heels all day, our feet are exhausted! You should give them a break in style with an adorable, yet comfortable pair of flats like these Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats! I have them and they’re super comfy, they go with absolutely everything and they’re super small and light to transport. 

5- Perfume: We all need a little refresher at the end of the day, especially if we are heading out to a 5@7 with colleagues. It’s always a great idea to keep a small bottle of perfume at your desk. Two weeks ago I discovered the Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume and I’m obssessed with it, been sitting in my desk drawer ever since! If you like fruity & floral notes, this bottle is perfect for you, not to mention the lavish & luxurious packaging that it comes in! LOVE!

6-Gum: Coffee is my best friend and my worst enemmy. I cannot live without, it’s what gets me through the day. But let’s face it, coffee does not leave the best of breaths. So, keeping a pack of gum at your desk is crucial, espacially if you’re heading into a meeting. My favortie is the 5 Asent gum in watermelon or mint! 

7- Tylenol: My drug of choice. I often get headaches and popping one of those makes them vanish within 30 mins, so I always keep these handy! If you prefer advil, asprin or mydol, those are all great as well. As long as you have something nearby that will elevate the pain!

8-Snacks: Typically around 3pm, hunger strickes! It’s so easy and temping to head over to that vending machine to get some chips or a chocolate bar. That’s why I always keep a healthy snack at my desk: nuts, granola bar or some dark chocolate. Lately, I’ve been loving the barkTHINS, have you ever tired? My favortie is the dark chocolate coconut with almond. Yes it’s chocolate, but it’s a million times healthier than a chocolate bar and will keep you satisfied longer! Small warning: you might eat a whole bag at once (I have, many times, lol), so I tend to take out a small piece and immediately put it back to the drawer so that my eyes can’t see the bag! 

9-FlipNPik app! Often enough, we tend to decide on a last minute 5@7 outing with colleagues and we need a trendy local restaurant, or we forget a collegue’s b-day(guilty) and we need to find a cool shop. Well, the FlipNPik application is the solution! One easy swipe & you can find local restaurants, shops, fitness centers and more! Honestly, this app is amazing! I discovered so many cool spots around the city by just browsing through it. For more info about the app, be sure to check out  http://onelink.to/bdghqn!

10-Warm Black Cardigan: I don’t know about your office, but mine is always cold! Keeping a black cardigan that goes with everything and that is ultra convienient & cozy is the way to go.If you prefer, you can replace it with a black blazer, but I find sweaters warmer. I am loving this Madewell Walker Cardi:  

That’s a wrap, now it’s your turn to prep your emmergency office kit!