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Name: Anna Przezak

Profession: CPA, CA / Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger

Location: Toronto, Canada

About me: I’ve always been interested in Fashion, but numbers just made sense to me, therefore I pursued an education in Accounting at McGill University & became a CPA, CA in 2011. This title opened up a wide array of doors that propelled my career & fast-tracked my dream to work in Fashion.  I started my career at RCGT & although auditing did not fuel my fire, I’ve learnt a great deal from the experience. I currently hold the position of Senior Pricing Manager at a successful outwear brand & I’m the Founder & Editor of Working Chix – a Fashion Beauty & Lifestyle blog. It may seem like 3 very distinct worlds (Accountancy, Apparel & Blogging) and they are in many facets, but the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained in obtaining my designation & throughout my career are & transferable to all 3 industries. 

About Working Chix: Women empowerment, authenticity, passion, relentlessness, with a dash of sophistication are the core values of Working Chix. The aim of this blog is to inspire women to be confident & fierce, and to provide helpful advice in various areas of Fashion, Beauty, Career & Lifestyle that will allow them to put their best foot forward in every aspect of their lives. Achieving a work/life balance is not an easy feat, but it’s achievable as long as you accept that perfection is a made up word but being the best versions of yourself is very real. Celebrate your uniqueness while discovering the latest trends, career advice, and much more! 

Hope you enjoy my page!



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