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Cozey couch

Flowers for Spring?! Groundbreaking!

Did you know that having flowers in the house generates happiness and instantly elevates your mood, which in turn reduces stress & anxiety? I decorated my living room with fresh blooms this Spring to bring in some of that positive energy and felt the benefits 1st hand. Every time I look at the bouquet, I smile and can’t help saying out loud: “they’re so beautiful”. They bring a sense of of peace and calm in my living room and they perfectly complement my Cozey couch and the entire living decor. When picking flowers, I tend to focus on the key colors of my living room like white, beige, peach and blush with a touch of foliage. I make sure to take care of them by changing their water daily and removing dead flowers, which makes them last twice as long (up to 2 weeks)! It’s a cost effective way to spruce up your home decor without breaking the bank. Although flowers range in prices, you can get a beautiful bouquet at any price point that will not only brighten your space but your soul as well!

If you guys are avid readers of my blog, you already read all about my white Cozey sofa (here & here), but it’s now been a full year that I’ve been using it and I wanted to give you a quick update on my experience thus far. I will not sugar coat my color choice – I went for Ivory b/c it really worked in the small Toronto condo space and fit perfectly with the rest of my furniture, however we like to eat on the sofa often (chips and guac anyone?) and things, well, spill! It’s hard to keep a white sofa clean, but here is my secret: I bought a blanket cover that matches the color of the sofa and I drape it over the couch every time we want to eat on it. I’ve managed to keep the couch 100% intact over the course of the year, but if ever it got stained, I take comfort in the fact that I can remove the cushions easily thanks to the zippers on each piece and clean the fabric. I can also purchase extra cushion covers if needed from Cozey for a small fee, which further solidifies my color choice.

We’ve lived on this coach fully over the past year – watching TV, reading countless books, eating meals (not proud of it but hey, that’s the reality of life) & enjoying cup after cup of coffee during our work from home coffee breaks, and the couch is in absolute perfect shape! We took a 3 seater but we mostly sit on one side of the couch, yet we don’t see any dents or hollowing in the cushions, everything is exactly as it was when it 1st got delivered. I love the fact the ottoman is detached as it allows us to move it around from right to left, alternating depends on the sitting position. I love this couch and how it looks in my space!

How will you decorate your space this Spring?

Spring flowers