Cozey Living Room

Toronto is the land of small spaces! However, after living in this city for a couple of years, you are forced to become creative, think outside of the box and learn how to maximize the space! Ultimately, the key to making it work is finding the right furniture & decorate it so that it looks bigger. I’ve been looking to upgrade my sofa for some time now as the one we owned was outdated and frankly way too big for the small condo we moved into this year. The problem was that I could not find the perfect size white couch that met my checklist: comfortable, stylish, affordable & easy to deliver. It’s so complicated to get large items delivered in a condo building – you need to schedule the delivery in a 3 hours window, reserve the elevator with a check deposit & pray that the delivery guy shows up on time. For those who don’t yet know this, Toronto is also the land of hectic schedules, crunch time & deadlines, so you need more flexibility than a 3 hour window.

Just as I was about to give up on the search and accept my faith, I stumbled upon Cozey while browsing through IG and the idea of a ‘couch in a box’ caught my attention – I knew that I had to partner with them to spread the word and let you know that your search for the perfect couch is over! The Cozey sofa is what modern living dreams are made of & it met my checklist: white couch in the right size, comfortable, stylish, affordable, easy to assemble & simple delivery + bonus: it’s designed in Montreal (shop local) and you get to customize it!

I chose the stunning Cozey Sofa 3 seater with ottoman in ivory – dimensions: 207 cm L x 90 cm W x 95 cm H. You can pick anywhere between 1-4 seats & the ottoman is optional but I highly recommend it, because it can help create an L-shape sofa or serve as a coffee table! The sofa comes in 4 colors: Ivory, Light Grey, Dark Grey & Navy. If you’re unsure of which color you want, free swatches are available. I really wanted a white couch, so I went for the ivory! Some people might think that a white couch gets dirty quickly, but if you take care of it, that shouldn’t happen (but if it does, the cushions can be unzipped and wiped down or replaced for a small fee – I can live with that)! If you’re not a white couch person, no problem, there are 3 other perfect options to chose from – you do you!

Cozey living room

The Cozey sofa arrived in record time – 2 business days (delivery is free), and it came in 5 boxes – one for each seat, one for the arms & one for the ottoman. Since it was like any other delivery, I didn’t need to reserve the elevator and we easily brought up the boxes in one go. The assembly was seriously effortless, it was simple & tool free. Ismael & I are not the best when it comes to assembly and we often get into arguments when we put furniture together (lol), so it was a nice change of pace to have a piece of furniture that practically put itself together. All you need to do is follow the assembly set out in the booklet, step by step and just hook the pieces together from left to right. This idea is simply genius!

I’m head over heels in love with this sofa & I think it makes for the perfect ‘Cozey‘ living room! It’s the hero piece in the room & it’s the 1st thing you notice when you walk in. It’s been a week and I’ve tested it by watching Netflix & reading books and I give it 5 stars in terms of style and comfort. In case you were wondering about the materials of the sofa, the frame is made out of kiln-dried larch while the fabric is 100% polyester.

Cozey Living Room

In order to made the living room extra cozy & stylish, I could not resist partnering with Poster Store to create another wall art! In case you haven’t seen the Art Wall I created in my bedroom, check it out HERE. As you know, Poster Store has hundreds of stylish and affordable posters & frames in Scandinavian design. They also have lots of inspiration and great ideas to transform your home. You can mix & match pictures & frames in different themes and categories; they have something for every taste and they keep increasing their assortment with a new collection drops every Tuesday. Their posters are printed on high quality and sustainably produced paper in Stockholm. Once again, I went with oak wood frames & I carefully curated the right pictures that would bring the decor to life: pampas grass to match my pampas vase, a hint of tan to go with the decorative cushions & a line drawing!


This time around I was hanging the frames on concrete, not drywall like in the living room, so instead of nails, I used damage-free hanging strips. It was so easy, you just need to clip the strips together, glue them to the back of the frame and stick to the wall. I recommend using an aluminum level to ensure they are straight. This art wall was the finishing touch that brought the rest of the room to life and made it even more cozy! My little cozey living room has become my new favourite place in the house and I smile every time I walk in!

If you guys are interested in creating your own art wall, be sure to check out Poster Store at https://posterstore.ca/ & get creative! You can use my code “annap35” to get 35 % off all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid for one month – until Nov 20th, 2020.

Cozey Living Room
Cozey Living Room
Cozey Living Room
Cozey Living Room