white couch

Thinking of getting a sofa? Considering a white sofa perhaps? I already introduced you to my new Cozey white sofa in this post here, but it’s been 6 months that I’ve been testing it out and I wanted to give you guys an honest review of this sofa, which will hopefully help you with your search.

Style: This Cozey sofa is beautiful & the ivory color and fabric texture look and feel very luxe. It’s definitely the focal point of the room and the 1st thing your eyes gravitate towards when you enter the room – it’s a shining star, the True North of the living space! It’s simple & modern, and the ottoman can be placed on either side of the couch, which makes it flexible no matter the layout of the room. There is no doubt about a white sofa being stylish – you can scroll through endless pages of inspiration on Pinterest that will make you dream, but is a white sofa for you? If you’re a young professional or a couple living in the heart of the city, you’re probably not giving it a second thought and the answer to the question is a resounding YES. However, if you have kids or pets, you might be re-thinking that dream. Here is the reality: a white sofa stains quickly, there is no denying that, but there are steps you can take to maintain its color and shape! And if you think it’s not worth the trouble, then you’ll be happy to know that this Cozey sofa comes in 3 darker shades from Light Grey, Dark Grey, all the way to Navy Blue. All equally stylish & luxe!

Maintenance: First and foremost, it’s important to note that you can unzip the cushions to wipe clean or even replace them for a small fee. If you have kids, pets, or simply like to eat on the couch while binging on your favorite Netflix show, you can simply cover the couch with a fluffy blanket. I got one at Winners in size Queen, color ivory, and it covers the entire sofa perfectly, salvaging it from any spills while enjoying an occasional Friday night binging session (both on pizza & Netflix of course)! I’m happy to report that even after 6 months of extensive use, this sofa is spotless and I did not have to clean it yet, not even once.

Comfort: 10 on 10! It’s honestly so comfortable and perfect for 2-3 people. The firmness is medium, which is exactly how I like it, with soft cushions – I fell asleep on it multiple times already, which testifies further to its comfort. I think the couch got even more comfortable with use as it got broken into, but the cushions have maintained its shape perfectly so far. My husband finds it much more comfortable after 6 months too. The fact that you can move the ottoman around is extra comfortable because you can alternate who gets the L shape spot! The size of the sofa adds to its comfort as it fits perfectly in our small Toronto-like space and it can easily be moved around to create more space in the room for things like home workouts or photoshoots – which I do often at home these days.

Price/Value proposition: The price of this 3-seater sofa with ottoman is $1.1K + tax and it’s honestly a steal for this level of quality & style. Comparable sofas are upwards of $1.5K-2K and some are not worth it – I’ve tested out quite a few when we shopped around. As you already know, this sofa comes in a box and it’s very easy to put together, which is another added benefit you simply don’t get with other couches. Since we’ve been spending so much time at home lately due to the pandemic, I would have expected to see more wear from this sofa, but it’s holding up so well! It’s been 6 months and this sofa still brings so much joy every time I step into the living room.

I will touch base with you guys again once we have used this sofa for a full year to give you further impressions. Hope this was helpful!

white couch