Cooking? Who has time for that – am I right?! I mean you need to find a recipe, drive to the grocery store, bring up the groceries to your condo just to realize that you forgot half of the ingredients, drive back to the grocery store and then most likely give up on cooking b/c you’re too exhausted from the day. I think this is the reason I hate cooking – but, eating out all the time is not an option. I’m into clean eating lately and let’s face it, most food out there is not exactly healthy. So, I decided to give Miss Fresh a try. The idea is quite simple (I like simplicity): you choose a box (Vegetarian, Chef’s, Custom or Kilo Solution), # of portions & meals you would like, check the week’s menu, pay and voila! Your box will arrive at the beginning of the following week in an isolated box that can wait at your doorstep for up to 40 hours!

What you get:  An easy to follow recipe & all the ingredients you need to cook the meal, delivered either at your doorstep or at the office. I like to get all my packages at the office, so convenient!

My experience: As with all new things, I was super excited to try it out so I cooked my 1st meal right away. The 1st thing I noticed is how easy it was to follow the recipe! I had all the ingredients already measured for me, so I didn’t have to take out half my cupboard of measuring spoons to get everything right. I must admit that I actually really enjoyed the entire process, b/c it was so simple. But the biggest surprise was the result! Ok, you know how you pick a crazy delicious looking recipe off Pinterest and then you try it in real life and it’s a major fail? Like, it doesn’t look or taste anything like it’s supposed too? Well, this was not the case here. Not only did the dish taste amazing, all favours perfectly paired up, but it looks exactly like on the photos! I included below all the pictures of my process form the ingredients to the final meal.

Conclusion: Highly recommend! Fresh, good quality, delicious & simple! If you’d like to try it, get $30 off your 1st order with promo code:WORKINGCHIX until July 19th!

Meal #1: The Beef Salad – The steak was so tender and juicy! The sauce and all the fixings just went perfectly with the steak, creating the perfect marriage of flavours. Here are the ingredients and the result (2 portions): 

Meal #2: Goat Cheese Pesto Pizza – THE BEST pizza I ever had!!! I need to make this again for sure! Goat cheese is my favorite, so I knew I would like this one, but it was beyond my expectations! I never made a homemade pizza, but after this, I don’t think I can eat frozen pizza or delivery again! I had a little bit of trouble rolling out the dough (since I never done it lol), so the pizza is not a perfect oval, BUT it was eve more delicious & crunchy this way :P 

Meal #3: Fish with olives and salad – yum! I love fish, but the sauce and all the fixings that came with this meal were beyond amazing!