150 years of greatness – I’m so proud to be Canadian! For this special occasion, I partnered up with Le Chateau to put together a Canada Day worthy outfit featuring some pieces Made In Canada! White & red represent – outfit details below!

To celebrate Canada, I thought that I’d share my top 5 reasons why I love it:

1- The people – kind, welcoming & open minded

2- The healthcare – yes we have long wait lines (ok let’s not get into that lol), but the treatments are free and available to everyone.

3- The educational system – pretty much free and amazing! Guaranteed careers for life – it got me through my CPA,CA without a crazy amount of student loans.

4- The landscape – although here in Montreal we can get a rain storm, snow and a heatwave all within 48 hrs, the country is beautiful from coast to coast.

5- The food: Timbits, poutine, maple syrup – enough said!

What do you love about Canada?

Outfit details:

Vest: Le Chateau Crepe Open-Front Ruched Vest

Top: Le Chateau Crepe de Chine V-Neck Blouse 

Pants: Le Chateau double Weave Wide Leg Pant 

Sandals: Le Chateau Lace-Up Open Toe Sandals 

Bag: Macakge red cheveron bag

Chocker: Zara Red Handkerchief Chocker



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