It’s good for the mind & soul to get away from the hustle & bustle of the city on the weekends sometimes. I would say it’s good to disconnect from technology as well, but I’m glued to my phone, so I won’t lie to you. Last weekend I had the pleasure of venturing out to Terrebonne to try out Batiment B. I love terraces and even more so when they’re located by the water, and that’s exactly what we got :) The atmosphere was peaceful & relaxing as you listened to the current of the St Lawrence river, but fun & upbeat at the same time with the music in the background. The terrace was full, so I knew we were in for a great meal.

We were following the “Le Festin” menu, which is composed of 4 courses & alcohol pairing. We started off by sampling a couple of cocktails: Mojito B (w/ raspberries), Spritz Aperol, Cucumis (w/c cucumbers) & Bourbon Lemonade.  Koodos to the mixologist – each and one of these drinks were perfectly balanced in terms of alcohol & sweetness – delicious. My fave was the Mojito!

Then followed the most flavourful bacon entree with a piece of pineapple, which left us anxiously awaiting for the next entree (to politely say: salivating). We were then served a round of beer (I opted for Shock Top & the rest of the party went with Stella Artois – I’m addicted to Shock Top) which perfectly accompanied the 2nd course: trout bites, beef & fried sweet potatoes (this was crazy delish) & a salad with dijon mustard dressing. The pairing was perfect!

To continue our drinking spree we were served a choice of white or red wine (I will forever opt for red, can’t do white, I just cant…) and we were then spoiled with a giant wooden plate of the most tender deer meat with a mouthwatering creamy mushroom sauce (which I still dream about, as I’m writing this I am seriously craving it) and pork chops. The presentation was outstanding – truly a “wow” factor. The dish was also served with a salad and these amazing mini pumpkin bowls filled with goodness: goat cheese & cranberries. I can’t live without goat cheese….can you tell I’m a foodie?

Always room for dessert! We were served with a sweet aperitif and creme brûlée – that ending could not have been more perfect. Torched to perfection, a crunchy top & a creamy filling – yum!

The service was impeccable, we were so well taken care of, not wanting for anything during our entire stay! I loved ever moment of this experience and I will definitely be coming back! I hear they have a brunch menu, and since I live for brunch, I don’t see how I cannot come back for a brunch on a terrace by the water – foodie’s dream come true. Highly recommend – bon appetite!

Location: 940 place Îles-des-Moulins, Terrebonne, J6W 4N7

For more info, click here: BATIMENT B