Home sweet home! Except… It’s been almost 5 years now that my hubs & I have been living in our condo and it’s still unfinished. Bare walls, missing light fixtures, random blue wall in the bathroom that doesn’t match anything – you name it, we’re the worst. I blame it partly on laziness, partly on the lack of time, but mostly b/c I’m really picky. I analyze everything at least 100 times before it crosses my doorstep. This year I decided that I will finish the place and make it home-y (challenge accepted)! So far, I’ve accomplished 2 things: got some kitchen appliances & covered some bare walls.

I’m a complete coffee addict & I own a drip coffee machine, but I’ve been looking for something stronger, especially on Monday mornings. I’m not a fan of lattes, I like my coffee black, no sugar. I heard that Nespresso released a new line of coffee makers called VertuoLine which uses large capsules that contain a lot more coffee than their expresso/latte capsules – in coffee addict terms, this meant heaven. As soon as the machine arrived, I just had to try it. Each capsule fills up an entire coffee cup! It’s freshly brewed, strong & creamy! I’m absolutely hooked now and almost out of capsules and I’m finding it very difficult to pick my favorite, but the stronger, the better, so intensity of 6,7,8 is perfection. I will need to head out to Nespresso soon for a refills. Not to mention that the coffee played a very important role in giving me energy for the wallpaper project.

I recently discovered self-adhesive wallpapers from Pixers ! What’s really cool about them it that you can scale your design from very big to very small, which was perfect b/c I needed to cover two walls: 1- A large wall in the hallway, at the entrance to the condo which has been completely empty (and sad to be honest) & 2- A small blue wall in the bathroom (which initially looked great in my mind…) For the hallway, I picked a classic Damask pattern to match the white & grey walls of the dinning & living rooms of my open concept condo. As for the bathroom, I wanted to be more adventurous, hip & trendy. Large palm leaves and pineapples are all the rage right now, so I decided to choose the Tropical Print & of course when I saw the yellow pineapple carpet, the room just came together. The wallpaper came in the right sizing as per my initial specifications. Each sheet is self-adhesive so it was totally easy to stick to the wall. But, warning: get some help from a loved one. I tried to do the tropical one by myself (b/c I’m like superwoman you know) and I totally ruined it. So, I had to get a new one (I never abandon an idea), and this one my hubs helped me with the process. We’re not handy at all, but we were able to stick the wallpaper pretty nicely :) Yes, we made it a bit crooked & a tiny bit bumpy, but the wallpapers look amazing and they bring so much life to the rooms. The hardest part of the Tropical wallpaper was that I have a light fixture above the sink, which I didn’t want to remove. So, I remembered my highschool geometry classes (they served for something afterall, lol), and I measured the circomference of the circular base of the fixture. With this info in hand, I was able to find a cup that matched the math & drew the circle, cut the paper in two & stuck each part individually – voila! I cannot tell you how proud I am of that little victory, lol. Love the wallpaper even more now, haha.

So for now, that’s a wrap! Future projects: Find a beautiful mirror for the Damask wall, hang some pictures in the bedroom, find the missing light fixture, get a new pax closet, find a mosaic for the kitchen & re-arrange the office. Stay tuned!

Final results of the wallpapers:

1- Hallway- Damask pattern

2- Bathroom – Tropical Print