champagnerie 4champagnerie 3 champagnerie 2champagnerie 7The experience: Have you ever cut a bottle of champagne with a saber? It’s one of those experiences you feel excited, scared & intrigued about! That’s how I felt when I 1st tried it. What a sense of accomplishment when you do it right the 1st time & the champagne is drinkable! If you’re looking for a trendy place for a 5@7, look no further – La Champagnerie is the newest hot spot in Old Montreal. The good music, the dim lighting & the overall hip atmosphere lure in the crowds. If you don’t make a reservation, especially for larger groups, you are unlikely to get a table, therefore I recommend calling ahead of time.

The food: Aside from the saber experience & a great selection of champagne & sparkling wines, they offer a variety of cocktails & the food is absolutely amazing! It’s tapas style, so you need to take 2 or 3 to be full, but the prices are very reasonable, plus you get to sample a little bit of everything! Order a few and share :) I tried lots of things on the menu. Amongst my favorites are the dishes featured on the pictures above; the salmon tartar, the shrimp, the goat cheese risotto balls & the lobster roll – absolutely divine. You will not be disappointed!

Love this place & it’s perfect for a girls night out! Cheers ladies!