Tomato canapés

Are you having friends over tonight & rushing to prepare dinner?  Well, if you’re anything like me, you want things to be perfect but fast. Unfortunately fast & perfect don’t always go hand in hand! Also, I like to give my guests a healthy appetizer, especially if lasagna is the main course. I have two recipes for appetizers I would like to share with you ladies to elevate some of the burden. The 1st one is something I just threw together when I was rushing the other day for a second dinner in a row that I was hosting at my place. I was going to make a boring salad, but then I thought of trying something new, so I looked at the contents of my fridge & I came up with something I decided to call: Tomato canapés.  It’s extremely easy & quick to prepare, yet very tasty!

Ingredients: Cut in slices: Fresh tomatoes, fresh avocado, bocconcini cheese, fresh basil leafs, vineagar, salt & Pepper.

Stack those ingredients as shown on the picture above & voila! The quantities will depend on how many guests you are having.


Salmon tartar

TartarThe second appetizer is something a friend of mine taught me how to put together – salmon tartar. Now, this can be prepared in so many different & delicious ways, but this is by far the most simple!

Ingredients: Chop fresh salmon (Roughly 350 grams), half of a red onion, half of a red pepper, one fresh avocado & fresh cilantro. Squeeze half of a fresh lime, add one table spoon of olive oil & some salt & pepper.

Mix it up & you’re ready! Serve with baguette crisps or crackers.


Bon appetit my lovelies!