Guilty: I’m a huge bookworm! I love to read everything from motivational books to fiction to educational books, magazines and beyond. I thought that it would be fun to share some of my latest reads with you chix and maybe inspire you to read a bit more too. I never have enough time to read everything I want to read, but I try my best to find the time. Afterall, knowledge is power! So, read up #girlbosses!

1- 100 Healthiest Foods to Satisfy Your Hunger – TIME Special Edition (2017) – $17: Since January started, I’ve been taking my New Year’s Resolution quite seriously! I’ve been working out and making better food choices and so far, I lost 10 lbs (big jump for joy while I write this -almost tipping off my chair). Notice I didn’t say “diet” since it seems to be a taboo word. A diet per se is not defined as depriving yourself from all the goodness in the world, but instead means changing your eating habits to opt for more nutritious, hunger-quelling foods. However, for the purpose of this magazine review, I’m gonna call it: making better food choices. As the title says, the magazine outlines 100 of the healthiest foods that will keep you full and healthy. Each food item is taged with the following information: How to Eat it, Why it’s Good for You & Nutrition. For example, did you know that Pineapples “contain manganese, which is partially responsible for metabolizing fats and cardbohydrates”? Well, neither did I, I just knew it was delicious! Honestly, the holy grail of food facts in a thin 96-page easy-to-read magazine you can easily carry with you anywhere. This magazine made my grocery shopping much easier in the past couple of weeks and honestly, once you start eating healthy foods, your brain and body start to crave them more than the junk food. Check this out, you will not regret!

2-DINETTE Magazine – Confetti Issue ($12): This adorable little magazine is full of fun stuff: cooking recipes, new Montreal discoveries, interviews and more! I must admit that the pictures & the recipies are the two things I love most about this magazine. My favorite discovery in this issue is the Rapini pasta with garlic, walnuts and goat cheese (YUM, I’m a huge fan of goat cheese btw)! I haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s on my “to-do” list this weekend. It’s a magazine but it actually looks like a book and with its ultra colorful images, it makes for an amazing coffee table book to have & to cherish! I’ve been collecting the Dinette Magazines in my little home office library and they look so nice!!! I’m a sucker for paper books & magazines, if one day print is out and everything is digital, it will be a very sad day for me. Note: This magazine is written in French.

3-The Curated Closet – Anuschka Ress ($30): Show of hands, who ever woke up in the morning saying: “I have nothing to wear”? Been there, done that! It seems that the more clothes we have, the less we have to wear (can I get a hell yeah?) Well, there is a simple explanation for that: Sometimes when we shop, we don’t necessarily think about the clothes we currently own and whether this new purchase matches with them to create multiple looks. Better yet, our clothes are in total chaos and we don’t see half of the things we actually own. If I just described your situation, this book is for you! :) It talks about how to choose clothes to add to your waredrobe in order to create your own personal style. It also tells you how to best organize your closet and purge it from items you no longer wear or which are subpar. This books is easy to read, minimalistic and full of great stuff!

4- You are Badass -How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living and Awesome Lige – Jen Sincero ($11): Yes, this is a motivational book, self-help if you will; a topic that’s just as taboo as the word “diet” right? Well, not exactly. This books is pretty awesome (as mentioned in the title), for the following reasons: The author relates to you & basically tries to prevent you from making some of the mistakes she and her clients did in the past. She mentions a lot of good points, most of which we all sort of already know deep inside but never venture in that direction. For example, we all know that our upbringing has a lot to do with how we think and what we do (our engrained in our subconcious mind), but to what extent? And what does that mean for you and your dreams? Sometimes, we trully are our worst enemies. We surround ourselves with fears, we talk ourselves out of opportunities and we’re our biggest critics. What if we took control of the way we think, start loving ourselves & do what we need to do to make our dreams come true. As the author so elequantly puts it:”But maybe, if you put your desbelief aside, roll up your sleeves, take some risks, and totally go for it, you’ll wake up one day and realize you’re living the kind of life you used to be jealous of.” Motivational, inspiring, eye opening book. Love it!