Seems like everyone I speak to lately is feeling some sort of winter blues, including myself. It’s been an exceptionally cold and snow-filled winter here in Montreal and I think everyone just had about enough. Admit it, all you really want to do is crawl into a little ball and hibernate until the temperatures are above 10°C. I’ve been trying multiple things to get over those winter blues, and here is what worked for me:

1- Exercise: I know, you’re busy and don’t have time right? When you wake up in the morning, you’re EXHAUSTED, right? Well so am I, but trust me, once you push over that barrier, get up & put your workout clothes on, before you know it: you’re fully awake and ready for the workout. Personally, I prefer working out at home in the morning b/c getting to the gym in all that snow is an easy turn off that will not get me moving! So I take out my mat, my weights a workout video (I really love Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution). I gotta tell you, aside from losing weight and toning, exercising in the morning give you so much more energy and mind clarity throughout the day.

2-Music: Yea I love music, but I’m not the type to put on headphones at work – until this winter that is. I’ve created myself a fun playlist on Spotify with the music that makes me happy and up-beat. Listen to music also make mundane tasks more bearable!

3-Plan something fun: There is nothing better for the mind and soul than knowing you have a fun activity coming up! So plan that weekend getaway to the spa or a quick trip to NYC. Or, if you’re a long-term planner, go ahead and start planning that trip to Europe, or Asia or even Africa! Having something to look forward to will help with those winter blues!

4-Learn: Didn’t you want to learn how to make that dessert or learn a skill that could help you grow your business? Keeping yourself busy with learning a new skill will keep your mind off those winter blues. I have been brushing up my Tax knowledge by enrolling into some refresher tax courses and it’s been keeping me so busy that when someone say winter…what winter?

5-Meditate: Think it’s a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? Well so did I, until I tried it. I already knew my mind was going 100 km/hr, but I didn’t to what extent I had random thoughts popping up until I tried to quiet my mind down. It’s not an easy thing to do, but trust me, it will give you so much clarity & energy throughout your day. Start with only 5 mins a day and see what kind of benefits it will bring to you.