I’ve been trying to live a healthy life since January, and I must admit that it has not been easy! I’m constantly on the go & my schedule is always jam packed – sounds familiar? I bet! But, I have not let go of my resolution. I try as much as possible to work out in the morning and eat well throughout the day (with the occasional cheats, b/c well, life is too short, got to spoil yourself a little!) To help me with the craziness of life, I’ve been trying some Naturiste products which I wanted to share with you in case you need something to help you with concentration, digestion or stress.

NATURISTE – CERVALIN: This formula is amazing if you’re feeling stressed or anxious! It really helps the brain to relax with “l-theanine, an amino acid found in most teas”. It also really helps with insomnia, which is usually brought on by stress.  Sometimes, when I’m down (borderline depressed – no shame, we all feel that sometimes), one tablespoon per day of Cervalin does the trick!

NATURISTE – PYTHOBIL: If you’re having issues with digestion or if you simply want to detox your body, this formula is amazing. It contains 3 extracts of specific medicinal plants: boldo, artichoke and dandelion. It helps digestion by stimulating the secretion which reduces bloating. Honestly, I get bloated a lot, even when I eat healthy, so this has been really helping me. “This concoction also helps balance the livers detoxifying abilities which in turn help eliminate any unwanted waste in the digestive system”. The recommended dosage is 1 tsp in a 1/2 glass of water, 2-3 times a day, but I only took it once and it worked for me perfectly. ek.

NATURISTE – KIT CURE 1 & 2: For a more comprehensive detoxing, try Cure Sante! “The medicinal plants that make up the detox have been carefully selected to enable the purifying power of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and intestines, as well as purification of the blood and lymphs” I noticed a boost in my metabolism lately (which is amazing for a 32 year old woman – yep, I revealed my age, lol, proud of it). It also helps to get rid of bloating! Try it for a week of Cure 1, and continue for 21 days with Cure 2. I’m still in the process of Cure 2!

NATURISTE – GIN TONIK: Such a cool name, my husband thought it was actual shots of gin and tonic lol. Don’t worry they are not! If you’re feeling low in energy, this is the formula for you; it increases physical energy and brain activity! It reduces mental fatigue and stimulates the cognitive functions, which help combat stress!  Honestly, a must for hectic schedules of working chix! “This exclusive formula also contains reishi, an active ingredient known to promote increased immune resistance, illness prevention and control of infectious agents, it also promotes increased resistance to colds and flu and provides a strong immune system in any season” – major bonus! Don’t get scared of the container, it’s very easy to break with your hands from both sides and no glass residue will make its way into your glass. The recommended dosage is 1-2 vials per day diluted in water (with a meal), but I found one made a great difference already!

Stay healthy!

P.S. Where you see quotation marks, it’s a paraphrase from Naturise website, b/c well, let’s face it, they know the medical terms better than I do ;)