Montreal in the summer = Terraces! Being cooped up at home all winter long, there is nothing better than catching some rays on a terrace – preferably in an up-beat ambiance, with a cold pitcher of Sangria ;) Now that’s what life’s made off. There are a bunch of places to choose from, but there is one that has me hooked: Terrasses Bonsecours! Located on the edge of Old Port, it offers the following: a crazy beautiful view of the old city (and the new carousel), great music, the biggest assortment of sangrias (Champagne Sangria, Mojito Sangria, Lichi Sangria….you name it) & amazing bites! My hubs and I had the pleasure of sampling some of their delicious dishes last week, and as I’m writing this, I only had a green juice for dinner, so it will be hard to get through this appetizing post, so let’s do this quick!

We started with a Champagne Sangria – no joke, probably the best Sangria I ever had, so it deserves a full list of ingredients: Sparkling wine, Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, Captain Morgan spiced rum, grenadine, Sprite, strawberries and kiwi juice, garnished with strawberries. The only issue with it was that we drank it way too fast ;) We started off with a Greek Salad & Salmon Tartare. The chef was Greek, so of course the salad was perfection – just the right amount of olives and cheese! The Salmon Tartare was served Japanese style (ginger, avocado, soy and sesame) and it simply melted in my mouth!

Then we had some mini burgers. The Gruyère cheese & caramelized onions were simply mouthwatering! And I must admit that the “Bonsecours secret sauce” is quite intriguing! Followed by the Ahi Tuna, which was so tender and so tasty (great I’m drooling), I was very grateful to the waiter for this recommendation! 

The next dish was a grilled Mediterranean octopus. Now, here is a little secret: I don’t eat octopus, but lately I decided to be more adventurous so I gave it a try. It was absolutely delicious. Truth be told, I removed the skin and tentacles, only ate the white portion, but it was really tasty. I would definitely eat octopus again.

To top if off, we shared a 3 chocolate mousse! I have to tell you, I’m the biggest ‘sweet’ person on the planet. If I let myself indulge everytime, I would be huge by now, lol. But this, this was worth every single calorie! Perfection in a jar.

The service was excellent & we had such a great time that we came back with friends this past weekend and tried the Mojito Sangria & The Bonsecours Sangria – my goal: try them all this summer ;)

Location: 364 de la Commune E. street, Montreal, QC H2Y 1J3

Fore more info: en.terrassesbonsecours.com