I often hear the following 4 words when I receive a package for a collaboration or an invitation to a hip event: “You’re so lucky”, but to be honest, there is no luck involved here, it’s all about hard work! Let me put this into perspective, a blog requires a lot of time & effort: create an outfit, take photos, edit them, write the article, make contacts, meet people, constantly create great content that’s ‘different and engaging” and put yourself out there…. how long does all this take? Countless hours! Basically, anytime I don’t spend at my 9-5 job, I work on the blog. Of course when you love it, you find the patience and the drive to work hard and make it a career, but it’s not easy and it’s not luck. If you’re considering to be a blogger, here are 4 truths to accept:

1- It won’t make you rich. Don’t do it for the money. Can a blogger make a living out of blogging? Yes. But, it will take a lot of time & patience to do it, and if you don’t love it, you will get discouraged and you’ll give up. You need to be passionate about it.

2-Get ready to work: all the time. An event looks awesome, but try 3 per night, every night. An outfit looks so easily put together: Hours of work went into selecting the outfit & location, a photographer was booked, photos were taken & edited.

3-You need support from your partner/spouse: You won’t have as much time to spend with them and you’ll be out a lot.

4-Be ready to put yourself out there & get some thick skin. It takes a lot of guts and some people might not like what you do – even to the point of writing nasty comments. You need to learn how to tune that out, and remember that those are not your fans. For every 1 hater, there are 100 others who will love your content.

Unlike what most people think, blogging is not easy, but it’s also very fun & rewarding. It’s my passion and I don’t mind spending all this time on it! But that’s me, you need to decide for yourself ;)

Outfit details:

Dress: TOBI Wonder Why Blush Scallop Dress via TOBI

Shoes: Aldo PEARLS black mules

Jacket: Dynamite Faux Leather Motto JacketĀ 

Bracelet: Pandora Open Bangle

Hat: Hat Attack Twisted Continental Hat



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