There may be countless reasons why we leave one job in pursuit of another; career aspirations, passion, interest, re-location, etc. However, for the most part, salary is at the top of the list. Sure, you want to advance your career, but salary & advancement most often go hand in hand. Once you have found ‘the one’ & the interview process is finalized, HR or hiring manager will most likely ask you the magic question: what is your salary expectation? Now, let there be no confusion, if you are being asked this question, you most likely already got the job. So how do you provide the right answer? Based on your qualification, level of education, experience, skill set & expertise, you know what you are worth – but does the employer? If you haven’t already given it a thought, panic will set in & you will start wondering – what if you ask for too much, then you may not get the job after all. What if you don’t ask for enough? Then you will be stuck with a salary that does not reflect your value. Here is an article that will help you through the thought process & assit you in “negotiating your salary like a pro”:

Hope you enjoyed it! Good luck in your future negotiations ladies!

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