Over the long weekend we were hosting a dinner party & I needed a quick appetizer to prepare. I usually make a tartar (already gave you girls the recipe in my previous posts) but I wanted some variety, so I did some research and stumbled on this recipe:

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like tartar! This recipe is perfect! I have eaten mango tartar in a restaurant before, but I was sacred to make it myself – honestly, it turned out great and everyone loved it. There is quite a few ingredients, such as sesame oil & wasabi paste, but they cost very little & can be used in various other dishes. I followed the recipe to the letter, except that I triped the portions for a party of 6. Also, I did not add the sugar, I thought the mango made the tartar sweet enough :)

I served both tartars (my original recipe and the one featured here) in a small mason jar on a plate with oven beaked olive ciabatta bread. YUM!

Will you girls try it?

Kisses xoxo