I have officially completed the 7 day kick start your metabolism program!!! Not eating carbs or sugar for 7 days straight is not easy, let me tell you that! Combine that with a series of exercises (30 mins workout and 30 mins cardio tapes a day) and you are on a mission! But, if it was easy, everyone would do it right? So, after this intense week, I have lost…drum roll… 6 lbs and my stomach has never been flatter :)

This year I decided to keep my New Year’s Eve resolution! I’ve decided to get in shape before the summer so I’ve been working out at the gym since March in combination with a healthy diet.The results were pretty great, I lost 9 lbs. But, my body seemed to have gotten used to my workouts & to my diet plan b/c my weight pretty much stagnated after that. Then I saw my friend Kinga at a party whom I haven’t seen in a couple of months. She had just recently had her second baby and I couldn’t believe my eyes at how great she looked so I asked her about what she was doing and she told me that she bought the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution package and she’s been following her workouts for about a month. She wasn’t doing the meal plan b/c she is breast feeding, but I was set on doing the diet as well. I asked her to lend me the tapes so that I could try it out too :) Now, I have already done Insanity for about a month and a half last year & honestly I found it way too intense. No motivation to do it again, so I was a little sceptical about this one. Although, since I have been working out at the gym for a while now, I thought it couldn’t be this hard….well, it was easier than insanity, but only b/c it was lower impact – the workouts are not that easy! You sweat after each and one of them! So, for 7 days, I followed the very very strict diet plan religiously & did 1 hour workouts every day and finally lost another 6 lbs! I had to give up any type of carb or sugar (such as bread and fruit) for 1 full week, but it was worth it! The thing is that I don’t see this as a ‘diet’ – that usually means short term and then you gain back all  the weight. I see this as a change in lifestyle – a much more healthier and active one!

This week I’m entering the second part of Phase 1 – the meal plan is a lot more forgiving & there is less workouts, but I will still be doing the workouts twice a day for a total of an hour a day. I must admit, bread has never tasted this good!!! But, at the same time, I eat less cabs, less sugar, less processed foods & a lot more veggies.

I already hooked my sister and two of my friends – anyone else is with me? Right now, I don’t really have a weight goal per se, but I know I want to get fit!

Happy Friday ladies!

Tip: Opt for one glass of wine instead of a couple rhum and cokes tonight! It will make all the difference :)