Heading somewhere warm to escape this winter? Well, I’m a little jealous, not only because you get to be warm while I’m cold, but also because you get the perfect excuse to do some great shopping! To help you out in your quest for the perfect beach outfit, I pre-shopped for you on Shopbop & found the most perfect look comprised of the following items:

L*Space Lee Lee Bikini Top / L*Space Lee Lee Bikini Bottom – yellow is still huge this season, so you can’t go wrong with a yellow bikini! This one fits every body shape and looks absolutely stunning.

Agua Bendita Larissa Romper – can this be more cute? This romper matches the yellow bikini perfectly and it’s so simple to just throw over the bikini and bring you from the beach to lunch!

Clare V. Sandy Tote – will help you carry all the beach necessities in style (sunglasses, book, scrunchies, sunnies, room key, phone & sunscreen – that’s pretty much all you need, and maybe drop the phone to get some social media free time!)

Beck Jewels Malachite Heart Totem Hoops – I mean how can you not add a cute piece of jewelry to elevate your look?

Illesteva Eldridge Sunglasses – there will protect your eyes and make you look stylish, if that’s not double purposed, I don’t know what is! Love these!

Ancient Greek Sandals Aclyone Sandals – perfect for the beach or for dinner to be honest. These are super versatile, especially in a nude color!

The Marc Jacobs The Hair Elastics Charms – you do need some good hair elastics to hold your hair while swimming or tanning, and why not make them stylish at the same time?

For more options in your preferred color palette, head over to “Vacation Style” section on Shopbop! Happy shopping!