Starting 2020 on the right foot with a new blog post surrounding Resolutions! But 1st, I want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year chix! May it be filled with joy, laughter, happiness, love, health, success, adventure, wonder, confidence, will power & fulfilment!

Now, let’s talk about those Resolutions! I feel like that’s a loaded word, b/c we make these “Resolutions”, which are often restrictive and frankly hard to maintain, and we basically abandon them by February. So instead of Resolutions, why not focus on the word: betterment? That is my goal this year, I want to work on myself and be a better version of me. So I chose to re-formulate these so called “Resolutions” of mine into goals & actionable items. Here are my top 5 action items for 2020 & how I transformed them from “Resolutions” into GOALS:

1- Resolution: Lose Weight. OUF, this is probably on a lot of people’s list and I’ll be honest with you guys, it re-appears on my list every single year and I almost never respect it. So, I decided to make it less scary and easier to carry out by reformulating it as “Feel better in my own skin” – it’s powerful isn’t it? It’s not about the numbers on the scale, the extra weight I am carrying is not the only issue. Eating unhealthy and not working out regularly is making me more sluggish, low on energy & bloated, which makes me feel uncomfortable and frankly unhappy. So, I’ve decided that this year, I will take full responsibility of myself. I will be more mindful of my choices – opting for a fruit instead of a piece of chocolate or choosing to hit the gym instead of hitting the couch to binge watch some shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (yes, I have both don’t judge me)!

2- Resolution: No technology before bed. Easier said than done, I check my social media, my e-mails & I watch a TV show (usually “The Office”) on my iPad before falling asleep with the earphones still in my ears! Instead of focusing on the negative and saying “NO tech before bed”, I countered this with another resolution: Read more books in 2020 and I actually made it more interesting by attaching a number to it: Read 10 books in 2020! This will keep me more accountable without being discouraging. Unlike with the scale that discourages you when you check your weight, attaching a number to something positive can result in something great! So, before bed, instead of checking my iPhone or my iPad, I read a book. So far, I’m 1/3 in my 1st book of the year and it’s only Jan 5th, so I’m feeling confident about this one ;)

3- Resolution: Stay on budget. Nobody likes to pinch pennies, but when you end up shopping & eating out constantly, numbers are not a bad thing to account for (coming from an accountant, right? well, trust me it’s not easy even for me)! I did a monthly budget (which I will teach you how to do later this month) and I attached a number I can spend on clothes, restaurants etc. on top of the necessities like rent, electricity, car insurance and groceries. But, to make it more enjoyable, I gave myself a goal for saving. Aside from the obvious RRSPs & saving for a house, I gave myself other goals: save for travelling and save for that dream pair of shoes. Having short & long-term goals is essential to sticking to ones budget, b/c that motivation prevails above all else and crushes the impulse to make a useless purchase.

4- Resolution: Stress less. Easy to say right? Stress has a major impact on our health yet we stress all the time: being stuck in traffic, dealing with a bad boss, struggling to meet deadlines, taking on more than we can handle, etc! I took an inventory of my stress factors and decided to stop playing the victim and take responsibility for living with my choices. If I know I’ll be stuck in traffic in the morning, I will start waking up earlier so that I can avoid the traffic altogether! If I know that I cannot meet an unrealistic deadline, I will voice it immediately. Instead of letting the stress get to me, I vow to get ahead of the stress factors and make the necessary changes to my life to avoid stress altogether and be happier and healthier as a result!

5- Resolution: Be more organized! I’m a clean freak, I’m constantly cleaning and re-arranging stuff at home, yet it’s crazy how disorganized I can get. From files saved all over my desktop without any logical order to the clutter in my closet – it’s all driving me nuts and I cannot focus on any other task until I get it all organized. But at the end of the day, its my own fault, b/c instead of unboxing that package I just received, I just let it pile up in the corner of the room, or that outfit I wore the other day, it’s still sitting on my chair waiting to be hung up! So, to help myself out with this one, I decided to break it down into smaller tasks. Every time I get a package, I will open it up immediately, put the item in the right place and recycle the box the same day. The same will go for other stuff like my closet: when I get back from work, I will put away all my clothes before getting into my cozy Pjs and classifying files on my desktop into comprehensible & easy to navigate folders. Instead of leaving things till “tomorrow”, addressing them TODAY will make all the difference.

Now your turn, what are your GOALS for 2020?



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    Love your goals