SS16 + Edit your closet

This SS16, anything goes – so whether you’re into florals, pastels, neon, black & white, denim, nautical – sky’s the limit! Everything in your closet can be pulled out! No more “I have nothing to wear” moments! I’m gonna confess something, I find that the more clothes you have, the more lost you get in your closet and you feel like you have nothing to wear even though your closet is filled out to the brim – so much so it’s about to explode. So, I decided to, as Garance Dore so eloquently puts it: ‘edit’ my closet!

Cleaning your closet – like a pro? No, do it like ____ (insert your name in the blank)!

Typically, everyone says that you need to ask yourself the million dollar question when you contemplate whether you should keep an item in the closet: Have I worn this in the last year? If not, get rid of it. Don’t get me wrong, this will work for some items that you definitely don’t want to wear – ones that don’t fit or that are damaged. But for the rest of the garments, your answer will likely be: No, but I will wear it this year! LOL – we all done it, c’on don’t lie! So, I decided to come up with a better Q :) One that truly works if you want to purge your closet and refine your style: Would I buy this today if I saw it on the rack at a store? Trust me, this one hits home b/c it will truly make you criticize your past shopping habits. Sometimes we buy stuff on a whim b/c “it’s on trend”, b/c “that girl wore it and it looked amazing”, b/c “it was on sale”…and the list goes on. But, I can guarantee you that the pieces you will keep will be the ones you bought b/c “you seriously thought of them, tried them on, made sure they fit like a glove & meet the requirements of being stylish but timeless”! So, I dare you – next time you clean your closet, ask yourself if you’d buy it again. And if the answer is a resounding NO, it will be 100% easier to get rid of that piece trust me!

4 boxes of clothes to get rid of, I purged my closet! Not only did I feel relief, but I also had a better grasp of what I own. It gave me perspective on what my personal style is and where I want it to head! This perfectly edited closet truly makes my life much easier: picking out an outfit in the am is no problem now, and it even made my packing easier! DSC_3544 DSC_3554DSC_3548 DSC_3572

Outfit details:

Playsuit: Dynamite Floral Romper (also LOVE this one: Cupcakes and cashmere Kirei Floral Romper)

Shoes: Joie Leah Sandals (old, similar: KENDALL + KYLIE Elisa Sandals)



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