For this 2nd NYFW outfit, I went with one of my favorite brands: Zara! As you probably already seen it plastered all over the place: plaid is huge this Fall! A plaid blazer, jacket, dress, skirt, top – whatever you like, it’s ‘IN’! What else is in? Orange & athleisure details! So, when I saw this little orange gem at Zara, I knew my outfit would revolve around this skirt. I wanted to combine the various trends and create a cool look that would be NYFW worthy, but that I could deconstruct and mix & match with a tons of other pieces in my closet. I paired the skirt & blouse with a belt to give the outfit some structure & I decided to make the orange really pop by matching the shoes to the skirt – I think it worked out nicely! ;) Although I loved these shoes, running around the city in heels is never a good idea, especially during NYFW. So, truth be told, in between shows, I would swap them for some white Nike sneakers (which, actually went really nicely with this look) – that’s a little blogger secret! Stay tuned for more NYFW coverage!




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