Simplicity & sophistication reigned this runway! Black, white, red & yellow were the main colours featured during this show. From the moment I have seen Megan Markle wear one of Nonie’s pieces, I was extremely excited to check out this designer! The craftsmanship & attention to focus on detail is what makes this minimalist outfits stand out. A little sheering here, a tie at the neck string, a belt, a wide cuff – every little detail is highlighted and celebrated. The fabrics used in these garments looks luxurious from the shiny silk to the chiffon. Every outfit is classy, with a touch of sexy: showing a bit of the belly, shorter skirt under the chiffon, or a little slit in front – I am definitely a sucker for details. I would wear each and one of these pieces any day – all very Working Chix! 

Images: Courtesy of Nonie



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