Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is certainly in the air! And I’m not just talking about the love of a couple, I’m taking about family love, friendship love, pet love… all kinds of love should be celebrated! That is what #lavieenlove is all about! I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon and I decided to show my love for my hubby. We’ve been together for over 7 years now and I still remember the 1st day I laid my eyes on him. It was really his smile that got me – you may think that I sound cheese, but it’s true. There is something about his smile that’s mesmerizing – it can seriously light up a room! Through good times and bad, he is my ‘magnesium based alloy’ – strongest metal on Earth, b/c rocks break, you know? ;)


Outfit details:


Top: La Vie En Lounge Long Sleeves Top

Bottom: La Vie En Lounge Pants

Slippers: La Vie En Rose heart slippers


Top: La Vie En Rose Long Sleeve Top

Bottom: La Vie En Rose grey pants



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