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I’ve been wanting to try out a cool hair colour lately, but I’ve been too afraid. In fact, I’ve always been like that with my hair. My natural hair color is a dark blonde/light brunette, and for the longest time I wanted to go light blonde. Since I was so afraid, my 1st attempt was a major fail: I asked the colorist to give me very subtle blonde highlights and she politely obliged, but that meant the color did not show one bit. The second time, I got a lot more brave and I did blonde highlights on half of my head. Slowly but surely, I got to the blonde hair I have now and I would never go back! I guess all I really needed is a trial run!

So, when I heard about the L’Oreal #Colorista semi-permanent hair colour that washes off within 5-10 shampoos, it sounded like a really cool trial run (just like with the blonde hair). I didn’t have to wonder if I would like it or how I could pull it off at work, b/c, well as the same says it: “semi-permanent”. So, I went all out! I combined the semi-permanent hot pink colour with the one-day rose gold spray to achieve this look!!! I never coloured my hair by myself, so I was skeptical, but both products were really easy to apply and the result was stunning! I honestly considered keeping the color for longer, but ended up washing it off in time for work on Monday. The awesome part is that you can control the intensity of the colour at application. And, if still too intense, you can get the bleaching product to tone it down. So, you can be that “Cool Girl” on the weekend and a “Professional Working Chix” during the week! Honestly, I really liked the experience, thinking of potentially trying out another colour!

Check this link: and get $5 off with a purchase of 2 Colorista products if you’d like to try :)

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