Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm

The best beauty products are made from natural ingredients & one of those ingredients is the coconut! It’s not just a fruit that makes Pina Coladas extra delicious! It also contains a ton of amazing properties: it’s anti-inflamatory (due to essential fatty acids), antioxydant & hydrating. So, when I heard that Jouviance launched the Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm, I needed to partner up with them to help my skin recover from the dreadful winter we had! After using this product for a couple of weeks (twice a day: morning and night), my skin got a lot smoother & softer! Lets face it, hydrated skin makes us look younger!

The product is composed of coconut oil & Hyaluronic Acid. The coconut oil is: organic, vegan, high quality, GMO-free, cruelty-free , phthalate-free, non-refined & filled with essential fatty acids. It also contains vitamins E, Pro-A & B3. The The Hyaluronic Acid moisturized the skin deep down & replumps fine lines and wrinkles. The product’s texture is soft and it turns liquid in warmer temperatures, but that does not impact the product, and it actually makes it easier to apply and absorb. And of course it smells 100% like coconuts – yum!

If I’m being perfectly honest, the product is really inexpensive – Retails for $45​​​​​​​​! It’s a really big container that will likely last you a few months! You can stock up on this product & other Jouviance goodies by getting 20% off when you buy $70+ with code: WCJV20. This code is valid for from June 4th to June 18th , 2018. Happy shopping!

To learn more about the product, check out this link:

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