_DSC9334 _DSC9329 _DSC9327 _DSC9325 _DSC9341“I have nothing to wear” – Have you ever looked at a closet full of clothes and said this to yourselves ladies? Well, it certainly happens to me sometimes, I won’t lie, and today was that day. Since it was not the 1st occurence, I have decided to build some rules on how to remedy a lack of inspiration. I decided to share 5 simple tricks with you in order to help you pick an outfit when you have “nothing” to wear. They certainly helped me this morning and I was satisfied with what I picked – blue plaid & PU leather skirt!

1- Scan your closet quickly and see if anything jumps out. A top you really love or a skirt or pants that you look & feel good in.

2- Flip quickly through a lookbook for inspiration to shop your closet. This can be either Pinterest (your board or the Women’s Fashion section), favorite blog, or magazine. I usually create myself a seasonal binder where I clip pictures of outfits that catch my eye & then go back to it for inspiration.

3-Think about shoes 1st. Now, you may find this funny, as shoes should match your outfit, not the other way around, but when you feel uninspired, starting with the shoes you really want to wear (heels or flats) will set the tone for the outfit you will pick and therefore narrow down the options and help you pick something quicker.

4- Do your hair & makeup first. Clothes look differently when you’re already put together.

5- Above all, smile when you look in the mirror. Everything looks better on a happy woman.

 Shirt – Sheinside

Skirt- Dynamite

Booties – Zara

Jacket – H&M

Clutch – Forever 21

Watch: DKNY

Bracelet: Forever 21

Ring party: Banana Republic

Earrings: Swarovski