No matter how relaxed your outfit is, a chic blazer can instantaneously dress it up. This cobalt blazer suits every skin tone & can be paired with blue, white, black or grey jeans as well as trousers. I was lucky to get this blazer at Mango for half the price at the sale they held prior to Christmas. This outfit can be put together with leopard flats during the spring or with thigh high boots for winter. I think every girl should have a blazer in her closet, in whichever color you like :) Great for work or play! Happy…


  A bright red clutch like this can give life to any outfit. I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it at the Michael Kors outlet at the Woodburry Common Outlets. Pairing a chunky sweater with a leather skirt has been big this season and I took full advantage of it. I also absolutely love the boots I found at Zara during the after Christmas sales. They were originally $119, but I paid $49, and I couldn’t believe it when I found them in my size. I usually supplement my closet during sales time, especially with timeless pieces,…


    This is an outfit I would wear indoors, but I would definitely switch the leather jacket for a down coat and the booties for boots to go outside in this cold weather we have been experiencing lately! I saw this scarf at H&M and fell in love with it, along with the $10 ticket price! I think the pop of color pulls the outfit together. Such a great outfit to run errands or go out for brunch – I wish it was spring already! In the meantime, I will wear this at work, in the warmth : )…


  TOUS is back! This adorable jewelry store, whose symbol is this bear, closed it’s doors when the De La Montagne hotel closed a few months ago. It has finally re-opened at Ogilvy, in the heart of downtown Montreal on January 2nd. This is great news for the fans of TOUS. I can’t wait to go check it out with my girlfriends! Here is a link to their Facebook group: Happy Shopping ladies!


  Happy New Year once again! Even though we begin 2014 with a temperature of -40°C, let’s keep a positive attitude ladies! Just bundle up! A cozy sweater, a thick pair of pants, a comfy pair of boots & warm winter accessories (hat, scarf, cloves) is all you need! Stay warm ladies! Kisses xoxo


I think I have already mentioned how much I love prints, but I think I’ll just repeat myself once more! I am just so happy that prints are big this fall/winter, b/c I cannot get enough of them. I like this outfit b/c it’s warm when paired with stockings. When it’s really cold, I usually pair them with thicker tights & boots. This can easily be worn over the holidays to a dinner party. The red lips add an extra punch of color & fit into the Christmas atmosphere. Have fun with prints girls!


I am a jewelry fanatic, there I said it! Yes, I am absolutely, positively obsessed with bracelets, necklaces, rings & earrings! They don’t need to be very expensive, just pretty! However, I’ve always found them hard to organize. I had many small jewelry boxes, and I could never find anything in all that mess. My necklaces would all get tangled up & it took hours to get them untangled. Finally, my mom bought me a huge jewelry chest for Christmas a few years ago and I cannot imagine my life without it, no joke (lol). It has various compartments designed for specific jewelry pieces & everything is very well…