Happy New Year once again! Even though we begin 2014 with a temperature of -40°C, let’s keep a positive attitude ladies! Just bundle up! A cozy sweater, a thick pair of pants, a comfy pair of boots & warm winter accessories (hat, scarf, cloves) is all you need! Stay warm ladies! Kisses xoxo


I think I have already mentioned how much I love prints, but I think I’ll just repeat myself once more! I am just so happy that prints are big this fall/winter, b/c I cannot get enough of them. I like this outfit b/c it’s warm when paired with stockings. When it’s really cold, I usually pair them with thicker tights & boots. This can easily be worn over the holidays to a dinner party. The red lips add an extra punch of color & fit into the Christmas atmosphere. Have fun with prints girls!


I am a jewelry fanatic, there I said it! Yes, I am absolutely, positively obsessed with bracelets, necklaces, rings & earrings! They don’t need to be very expensive, just pretty! However, I’ve always found them hard to organize. I had many small jewelry boxes, and I could never find anything in all that mess. My necklaces would all get tangled up & it took hours to get them untangled. Finally, my mom bought me a huge jewelry chest for Christmas a few years ago and I cannot imagine my life without it, no joke (lol). It has various compartments designed for specific jewelry pieces & everything is very well…


Do you prefer this one ladies? I bought this dress at Forever 21 last year & didn’t end up wearing it b/c instead of a going to a big party, I opted for a relaxing house dinner celebration, so the dress wasn’t suitable for that occasion. It’s very shiny & covered with sequins, so I would recommend something like this if you’re planning to celebrate NYE in a club or an organized party either in a hall, hotel or even at home, as long as it fits the dress code. Cheers gurls! :) Dress – Forever 21 Heels – Le Chateau Clutch – Forever…


The idea for this post came from a friend of mine. She saw the floral pants I bought and she loved them, however she said she simply ‘doesn’t how to wear floral pants’. I decided to put together this post to help her & all you ladies who think dressing these pants is very hard, when in fact it’s quite simple. All you really need to do is pair them with a neutral top! Any neutral color will look great with these pants. A neutral color is a solid color that doesn’t pop to the eyes, that is not associated…


Another sweater dress! Did I tell you ladies how much I love these? I think I have, but I cannot stress it enough. The fit, the color combo & the print make the dress very pretty & fun. I bought it for the holidays, but I ended up wearing it 3 days in a row….for drinks, to a birthday party & to a dinner. I can’t wait to wear it dancing very soon! :) Once again, happy holidays pretties!


What screams Christmas more than a Little Red Dress? I found this little gem at Zara a few months ago & I fell in love with the lace details at first sight! The upper back is covered with lace as well and it’s just stunning. I think red is such a romantic & sexy color & it looks amazing on any skin tone. This dress is a combination of sexy & chic and it’s just perfect for the holidays. It’s also easily transferable from winter to summer. I adore it! I’m wearing this one to my Christmas party at work :) Have…