One of my favourite creams! Nivea is the 1st brand of creams I started using when I became a teenager and continued on using throughout my entire life. They’re soft, gentle on the skin and moisturize the skin perfectly! I was extremely excited to try out these new additions – read on to see my thoughts!

Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle light day cream & night cream: Well, Nivea’s done it again! Both creams feel extremely light when applied to the skin, they’re not greasy and they get absorbed very fast; as if the skin was dying of thirst for these creams! The skin is moisturized day and night; basically glowing & youthful! Both creams smell amazing; a light citrus scent – love it! Can’t tell you if it reduces wrinkles since I don’t really have any, but my face feels baby smooth :) IMG_1544 2

Nivea Q10 anti-wrinkle serum pearls: I have been using this serum together with the day & night creams above. It feels silky at application, gets absorbed very quickly & it smells very fresh! Once again, I can’t tell you if it reduces wrinkles, but I can tell you that my skin has been transformed since I have been using this serum & the creams. It looks a lot less tired, which is quite a feat lately b/c I have been running around like crazy and sleeping short nights! Not that creams should be a substitute for sleep, but these sure help! IMG_1543

Nivea Q10 anti-age hand cream: I have this bad habit of not using hand cream and my hands get so dry that they become unpleasant to the touch. I just don’t have the reflex to reach for the hand cream, so I need something really strong that will moisturize my hands for a long time. And I think I found just what I need in this cream. It’s light to apply, smell citrusy like the face creams, gets absorbed very quickly and it keeps my hands moisturized for days. Been using it at night every second day or so by keeping is close to my toothbrush within’s eye’s reach; just a dab does the trick!

Overall, love them all & will continue using!



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