Femininity – French style. Created in the South of France by Valerie D’Andre, Heloise de V. offers perfume, soaps & hand creams, each telling a unique story. Rekindling memories of childhood, vacation or pleasant moments of ‘joie de vive”, we got to experience the products 1st hand during a media breakfast at Les Fillettes a few weeks ago. My favorite of the 3 collections is the “Dejeuner sous le figuier”! This fragrance features lemon, lavender, fig leaf, almond, cedar and cypress notes. The major accords are woody, aromatic & fresh and the gift box comes with a beautiful silver necklace with a red leather leaf. The purpose of the leather leaf is for you to spray a little of the perfume on it to smell throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but usually an hour after I applied perfume, I can’t smell it anymore. So, having this necklace around the neck keeps the scent alive all day long! :) I really love the gift box and I want to share it with one of you lucky ladies! Go to the last picture to check out what you can win & how to proceed! IMG_5063IMG_5058 IMG_5068 IMG_5076

Head over to IG @working_chix to participate in the contest to win the items below: Gift box with perfume & necklace, hand cream & a box of soaps! Good Luck!image1



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