New favourite: Clarins makeup! I heard great things about Clarins makeup line, but I never tried it; until now. The following pieces have now become part of my everyday routine and I simply can’t get enough, here is why!

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick: This creamy, hydrating & nourishing lipstick makes my lips feel smooth & radiant! It’s also age-defying, so it protects the lips in the process. Hands down, my favourite lipstick at the moment, especially color 26 – Rose Praline – it’s a perfect balance between light pink and nude, and it’s absolutely perfect for a neutral look! I literally wore it to work everyday for the past two weeks! The gold packaging is beautiful and compact; easy to carry & go! Well worth the retail price of $28. IMG_1010

Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Compact: Here’s the deal-o! I hate cream blushes. They’re usually too tinted or too pigmented and once I apply them to my cheeks, they simply won’t come off! You would think it’s a good thing, being long lasting and all, but trust me, you don’t want that on your face. BUT THEN, Clarins made me believe in cream blushes again with this perfectly-packaged-to-carry-in-your-purse compact!!! The color is amazing, the smooth texture is amazing, the natural look  it creates on my face is amazing….in case I wasn’t clear enough, it’s AMAZING! Super easy to apply with fingers, so it’s easy to just slip it inside your bag to re-apply in the afternoon! Retails for $30 and worth every penny! IMG_1012

Ombre Iridescente Eye Shadow & 5-Color Eye Palette (limited edition): I LOVE neutrals, bronze & browns in terms of eye shadows. They work perfectly with my blue eyes and they’re great for creating day & night looks. These shadows are now my bible in the morning when I get ready to work. A perfect combination of matte and shimmery eye shadows! The shimmery ones have the right amount of shimmer without being too sparkly. Texture of all these shadows is smooth & satin like, they glide perfectly on the eyelid and they last absolutely all day! Shadows retail for $25 & the palette retails for $39. I personally think the palette is a better investment! Beautifully packed rose gold with an elastic strap closure to prevent a mess, and a pencil for easy application. Also perfect on the go! I think Clarins thought very well of the Working Chix out there who are always on the run & need the basics in their bag at all times to touch up makeup after work, before heading out to a 5@7! IMG_1025



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