Clarins love. After trying out their makeup (here) and loving it, I was super excited to try their cosmetics! And just like that, Clarins got me hooked! Read my thoughts below! IMG_1375IMG_1205

One-Step Gentle Exfoliant Cleanser: SOLD! Officially, this is my new addiction! This exfoliator is super gentle, so it’s great for everyday use and it leaves the skin soft & refreshed, leaving a natural glow! You don’t need much of this product to have perfectly exfoliated skin so it will last a long time! I have been using this for a month now and I still have over half left. The scent is amazing; a hint of orange, but not overpowering! Highly recommend!!! Retails for $37 – WORTH IT!IMG_1194Multi-active Day & Night creams: This adorable pink & blue duo is amazing! Both creams have a light texture, a light floral scent and a light feel when applied to the skin. Don’t let their lightness full you though, they are tough at fighting stress and lack of sleep! Both creams hydrate the skin perfectly, making it look radiant and youthful. If you follow my blog, you must already know that I have regular skin, but it’s worth mentioning again in case you have sensitive skin, then this review might not apply! The day cream is made for all skin types, but the night cream is made for normal to mixed skin types. Day cream retails for $52 & night cream for $55.IMG_1203

Instant Light Lip Base: My lips are always chapped, no matter whether it’s Winter or Spring…(wait.. what Spring, what in the world is going on with the temperatures and snow storms at this time of the year?!) Anyways, my lips always need a little TLC and this is the holy grail of lip moisturizing! It’s perfect as a primer for lipstick, but I also like to use it at night before going to bed; it works overnight and I wake up with smooth lips! Great product! Retails for $25 and well worth the investment! IMG_1198

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase: Intense is the word! This facial serum provides a moisture boost when the skin is dehydrated! To get a soft, healthy looking skin, you need it to be perfectly moisturized, otherwise it will look drab! This product is light, like all of Clarins products (they just get us don’t they?!) and it absorbs very quickly. Retails for $59, which I find to be pricey but competitive and since you only need a dab, it lasts for a while!
IMG_1390HydraQuench Cream Mask:  I like the fact that this mask is like a cream with a very light texture. It smells fab & it doesn’t bother me after application like some other masks that absolutely need to be rinsed off. This mask can be left on for the night! Creates smooth, soft skin! Retails for $37.IMG_1391

Eye Contour Balm: I don’t get a lot of dark circles but I get some blueish lines under the eyes given my fair skin tone and some puffiness due to fatigue, since I skip from work to media events, to working on the blog…to…well, you get the point. This lightweight cream moisturizes & revitalizes the eyes! It’s very refreshing and I noticed less puffiness since I started using it! People swear by it to reduce fine lines – I am not there yet, but I will continue on using this product – love it! Retails for $53 but last forever! IMG_1387Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara: Just WOW. This mascara provides length, volume and curl! Ok, so I have long lashes but they’re super blonde and super straights so it’s hard to get them to curl and look amazing! This mascara is a saviour! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Retails for $27 and honestly, it’s a steal!



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