Wedding season is all about smiles! I got married last year and the at home teeth whitening kit I used seriously gave me the confidence to smile all day long. I’m a huge coffee addict, I drink 2-3 cups a day to be functional and I like my coffee black – no milk, no cream (you must be thinking ‘yuck’ but that’s the only way I can drink it now). Honestly, if I don’t have my 2nd or 3rd cup in the pm, I simply can’t do anymore work! I tried the whole ‘drink coffee with a straw’ thing, and I simply can’t process it in my mind, so I’ll be forever drinking straight out of the cup! And of course, I enjoy a glass of red wine a couple of times a week with dinner. All these beverages take a toll on my teeth and my wedding smile has faded since last year. Removing those coffee stains at the dentist costs too much (roughly $500USD), so an affordable custom teeth whitening kit for coffee addicts (as I like to call it) is the way to go- retail price: $159USD. This time around, I decided to try out . Often, people get scared whitening sensitive teeth at home by themselves, and truth be told, I was too. But, it worked well for me last year, so I was a lot more comfortable using this product. What I love most about it is the custom fit teeth whitening trays!

It’s super simple! You take your own impressions of the upper and lower teeth and send them back to the lab. Smile Brilliant will then send back transparent trays that fit your teeth perfectly. All you need to do is brush your teeth without toothpaste, apply the teeth whitening gel (made up of vegan cruelty-free ingredients), wait 45 mins-3 hrs (I honestly just did it for an hour at a time just to be safe), wash your teeth with toothpaste. Then, apply the desensitizing gel to the trays and wait 20 mins – done! While you whiten, you can work, do housework, or relax with a movie or a book – I watched the entire last season of Suits during my sessions. I did that every day for 2 weeks and the result was amazing! My teeth whitened by 2 shades and everyone has been noticing! I must admit that at the beginning, I got some gum irritation – the gums got a bit white in some places and pinched me a bit. That’s b/c I didn’t read the instructions properly: you need to use less gel (I used way too much and it overflown) and you need to wipe up any excess with a cue tip – problem solved for future whitening sessions! If you’re a bride, you need to try this product! And if you’re a wedding guest (like me this year, haha), this is perfect too! I mean, a wedding needs a bride and a groom but also all of their guests to be complete ;) Want to try it? Get 10% off your purchase with coupon code: workingchix10 ! Feeling lucky?

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Whitening Teeth At Home

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