I cannot contain my excitement! This week’s posts are all about Christmas and buying gifts is my favorite part. What I don’t like about Christmas shopping is the crowded malls, so I decided to do it differently this year & I suggest the same to you: outsmart everyone and get your Christmas shopping done early! Then sit back, relax & enjoy the holiday atmosphere :) I really want to help you achieve this goal, so I did some research and came up with 15 really cool gifts any girl would love. Regardless of your budget, there is something in here for you!


Sephora nailpolish#1 – Nail polish set: Best value for your buck at Sephora! It’s hard to go wrong with a set like this. Girls love it, and nail focus is high this season. If it does happen that nail polish isn’t her thing, Sephora has a variety of makeup & value sets that will make every girl on your list happy.


Canon#2 – DSLR Camera – Expensive, but worth it! If you have a high budget, this is an amazing gift for a photographer in training or a blogger. Canon is my favorite, but other brands are great too, just ask about the lens quality & pixels. It can be found at Future Shop or Best Buy. This one is on my wish list!


coach watch#3- Coach gold watch: I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t like a nice watch. I actually collect them, and missing a gold one, therefore this one will be on my wish list this year as well :) Statement watches are classic & chic, and they look great with any outfit – simply add a bunch of fun bracelets & there you have it: arm candy! This watch can be found at the Coach store or in a department store such as The Bay.


MK wristlet beige#4: Michael Kors wristlet: A gorgeous and practical gift. This wristlet serves dual purpose: an iphone case & a wallet. It’s great for going out! I got similar ones for 3 members of my family as gifts for this Christmas (hopefully they don’t know who they are & won’t be reading this post, lol). I have one myself and absolutely love it.


Earmuffs#5: Faux fur earmuffs: It’s starting to get cold out there & it’s not always fun to wear a hat. Earmuffs are cute & keep you warm at the same time! I found these ones at Simons on sale. But they can be found in a variety of stores in various price ranges.


Hoodie#6:Soft hoodie: Whether to hang out at home during the holidays or to run some quick errands, this is an amazing hoodie. It’s soft, comfortable & cute. Every girl should have a sweatshirt in her closet. This one can be found at Garage clothing store.


Fashion book#7: 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers: For all the fashionistas out there, this is the perfect book. It’s a collection of contemporary designers all fashion lovers should know. It makes a great coffee table book. It can be found at Chapters or Indigo. It’s on my wish list too…


Slippers#8: Slippers: SO CUTE!!! Cozy & warm while hanging out around the house. You could pair these with the sweatshirt & you’re done! Great for secret Santa gift exchanges – every girl wants to be comfortable!


lipgloss#9:  Lipgloss & perfume duo: So practical for going out to dinner or to a party. Perfect size to slip into your clutch. I really like this combo, but if you don’t like this perfume, other brands offer this product too. It can be found at Sephora.


Coffee Mug#10: Coffee mug: But first, COFFEE! If you’re anything like me, you cannot function without a cup of coffee in the morning. And it’s nice to have a cup readily available at work that is reserved just for you. It is also great for tea, in case the person you are gifting it to is not a coffee lover. This one can be found on the Keurig website.


cobalt bootie#11: Booties: They are big this fall & every girl wants them. This cobalt blue is a gorgeous electric color that would add flavor to a simple outfit, however if the person receiving these is more classic, then opt for a neutral color, such as black. These can be found at Aldo & they come in other colors, including black :)


Selfies#12: The Selfie: We live in a high-tech world & selfies are very popular nowadays. This little gadget allows you to take a picture of yourself without the struggle of pressing on the photo icon on your cellphone. I love it & any girl who likes taking selfies will too :) It can be found online at


12-4-2013 11-56-15 AM#13: Nespresso machine: Pricey, but perfect for a coffee lover. If you have a big budget, this machine will make a girl very happy every morning! I got this machine as an early Christmas gift & I could not be happier with it. It can be found at the Nespresso store or online.


statement necklace#14: Statement necklace: So hot this season! Statement necklaces can be found at almost any store that sells jewelry. This one is from Zara and I have the exact same one…I am in love with it – brings life to any outfit!


Zara gift card#15: Gift card: If you still lack inspiration, a gift card is always a great option. It allows the girl to purchase whatever she likes & makes our lives simpler :) It could be a Zara gift card, or a mall gift card or a gift card at any store that the recipient likes to shop at.

I hope this was helpful & fun! Have fun shopping & let me know what you think about this post! :)