I always wait until the last minute to make NYE plans: story of my life! And I am not the only one! Everyone whom I asked thus far does not seem to have any plans either. What usually ends up happening is that I host a party at my place with family & friends. This year however, I’m too exhausted to host it. I’d be happy to show up to someone else’s place with champagne in hand, but nobody seems to be stepping up. So, this year, I decided to switch it up a little and hit up the Grand Bazaar with my Working Gent!┬áHonestly, its been years that I didn’t go out for NYE so this will be LENGEND, wait for it -ARY! ;) All I will have to prepare is my outfit, lol.

So, apparently the Grand Bazaar is going to take place in a huge loft called Le Studio in Griffintown. Each ticket is $200 and comes with open and open food (I never seen that before, but they read my mind: food is life)! Apparently there will be stations like Italian, Japanese and then a bistro. All food is provided by Dolcetto, Ryu and Lucilles…Ok I’m drooling just thinking about it.┬áThe event is going to be hosted by Thomas Vernis (owner of Santos, Dolcetto and Tommy), Brahm Mauer, Drysdale Group & David Dayan (Ryu / Ecole Privee owner) – a gang of really cool people, so I’m double excited! Toddy and Jojo Flores will bring the beats to the dance floor so I’m pretty sure we’ll be dancing all night (triple excitement!!!) The event is said to be packed with surprises like the bohemian chic lounge, etc… I seriously haven’t been this excited about NYE in a while, lol! If you guys wanna join the fun, you can still get tickets at:

See you there?

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