If you’re a foodie & a fan of good music, you need to check out Jack Saloon! Located at 262 St-Paul Est in a historical building dating back to 1712, where you can still see the relics of the fortifications of Ville-Marie, the place offers a very unique decor, carefully segregated into 4 sections inspired by the Civil War. Well curated wall paper & posters ornate the walls of each section, creating an ‘out of a Tarantino movie’ mood & vibe. The live band, the red lighting & the wood all create a warm atmosphere of rock & roll with a western twist!

IMG_5847IMG_5851 I had the pleasure of trying out their new menu this past Friday with my fiancé & I was blown away; chef Dave Struggle Boudreau is a magician! He defines his food as “gourmet trash food”, the kind of food you like to eat after you had a couple drinks, but that is meticulously prepared with fresh, quality ingredients! Everything is made on the spot using old style techniques; for example the onion rings are marinated in a homemade sauce for 14 hours, then cooked on charcoal. The restaurant offers burgers, smoked salmon, filet mignon, re-invented tartars, salads, etc. – something for every taste & diet! We started off with drinks: I had the delicious strawberry mojito (highly recommend) and my b/f tried the Jack Saloon beer (I sipped a bit of his, hehe) – we recommend it to people who like amber beer! As an entree, we tested out a tartar trio: a strawberry/knot of wasabi & basil salmon tartar (my bf’s favorite), a ‘Bloody’ beer tartar with clamato reduction, vodka & fresh herbs, and finally my absolute favortie: “Japanese Style” tuna tartar with sesame seeds, green apple & avocado! So much flavor in each of these tartars! I was pleasantly surprised with the beef tartar, as I am not usually a fan, but this one was mouth watering! I love how the chef mixed in strawberries in the salmon tartar – I would never have thought of this combination! I think we finished off this plate under 5 mins – lol. I loved the fact that they give you enough bread for the tartar, usually you get a tiny slice and you need to ask for extra!

IMG_0060After this generous portion of tartar, we sampled this amazing platter of smoked salmon covered with Philly sauce & baby greens, smoked chicken wings drizzled with caramel, the infamous onion rings & cooked chef’s oysters with salsa! Omg, where do I begin? The smoked salmon is the one that stole my heart! I simply could not get enough!!!! So much flavor & perfect combination with the Philly sause & greens – a delicacy! The onion rings drizzled with caramel were a sin – we enjoyed every bite! I understand why they get marinated for 14 hours…The chicken wings were tender & finger licking. And the cooked oysters, well, it was unlike anything we had tried before. We only had raw oysters in the past, so this was a pleasant novelty – very good! IMG_0065

We thought this was the last of it and we were already completely full, but the chef decided we did not have enough and graciously served us another sampler!  I don’t know how, but we ate every single bite – probably b/c it was too delicious to leave behind, lol. Seared tuna steak, 4 cheese Mac & Cheese & filet mignon! Let’s start off with the tuna steak – this was the winner for us on this platter! It was so tender & the flavor was amazing – a lot of times at restaurants, a seared tuna doesn’t taste like anything, but this one was perfectly seasoned with creamy adobo sauce & avocado, served with fresh creme & wasabi puré. I am a huge fan of mac & cheese & this 4 cheese one was crazy! I enjoyed every bite! I was too full for the chips, so I removed them to fully enjoy the pasta! Finally, the filet mignon was extremely tender and cooked to perfection. It was covered with ancho, guajillo & pasilla chili Bordelaise sauce with butter and dark chocolate – very fancy! The meat was delicious, I found the sauce a bit too sweet, but that could have been b/c I was too full at that point, b/c my bf loved it- need to try it again to better assess :) IMG_0068 2

Last but not least, there is always room for dessert! Served in a mason jar, the most perfect, smooth & crunchy on top chocolate creme brulée & an espresso! After that, we were ready to be rolled back home! (lol)

IMG_0070My fiancé & I came to the conclusion that we adore this place and will definitely be coming back! I must admit, we usually hate going to Old Port on the weekends b/c of the parking situation, but the restaurant is located next to a few parking lots & it was quite easy to find parking on the street on Friday around 8pm (secret that is to remain between us alright? Wink Wink)

Overall: Delicious food, great music & ambiance, and an outstanding service! Highly recommended!

To find out more, don’t hesitate to visit their website: jacksaloon.com. Jack Saloon will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this Wednesday, October 7th, so be sure to RSVP, you will not be disappointed!

Hope this review was helpful! Have a great Monday guys!




Jack Saloon
Address : 262 rue Saint Paul Est, Montréal, Qc
Tel: (514) 564-7980


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