Dry salt works! I was born in Poland, more specifically in Cracow (Krakow in Polish) & so I am familiar with the benefits of dry salt, however I never actually tried it for myself and truth be told I was skeptical. How can breathing salt actually help with stress relief, asthma, etc? It’s all about holistic therapy – something we are not very familiar with in North America, but which is widely accepted as a medical treatment in Europe. So, when I was invited to try you the salt rooms at Elite Laser located in Westmount Square, I was really eager to see what the fuss was all about. The day I ended up going was a stressful one. I had just gotten really upset with a friend an hour before heading over there and I was livid. Not the best state of mind to be in, but the best one to test the benefits of the salt room, as my stress level was at its highest. I sat in the room for about an hour and a half, chatting with the inspiring owner of the salon, who was extremely sweet & accommodating. She has been a pioneer in laser hair removal when she opened up the salon years ago and now she did it again with the 1st of its kind salt rooms in Montreal.  Honestly, I applaud this woman!

Now, I don’t know if it was the salt room alone or the pleasant conversation we had (or quite possibly a combination of both), after an hour and a half, I was completely relaxed and stress free! I no longer felt angry, in fact I felt a bit guilty for always saying what’s on my mind to people I am close with (this is my biggest weakness , which  makes me a sort of no-bullshit kind of person, but it does get me into trouble sometimes, lol, so I need to work on it). Needless to say, I was impressed; I had peace of mind!  So I wondered, how? As you all probably know, we are surrounded by positive ions, especially with all the electronics that surround us, and salt contains negative ions, which balance out the +/- ions in the room, thus leaving the surroundings in perfect balance. At the time I visited the salt room, I did not have a cold or allergies, but it is said that it does help diminish those symptoms, given that salt has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties known to strengthen the immune system. You can also benefit from the salt rooms if you suffer from the following conditions: bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, fatigue, etc.  There are two rooms available: adults & kids. This treatment is currently not covered by healthcare, but healthcare professional are working on making this happen.

unnamed unnamed (1)The cost of each 45 minutes session varies on the package you choose! 1 session is $45, if you take 5 sessions it’s $40 per session, if you take 10 sessions it’s $35 per session. There are also monthly packages of $99/month – 1 session per week or $199/month – unlimited weekly session.

Give it a shot, I’m sure you will be amazed by the result!



Location: 1 Westmount Square, Montreal – C-250

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