Over the past couple of years, my eating habits have not been exemplary – I would diet one week and then go back to my unhealthy habits the next – pizza anyone? This year, I decided to kick those bad habits to the curve & change up my lifestyle. I went to see a naturopath & a nutritionist and I slowly started to eat better & exercise regularly. Just when the wind was in my sails, I was losing weight & becoming more fit, Covid-19 happened. As most of you, I experienced the same stress, anxiety & uncertainty. The first weeks of the confinement wiped out my workout routine (I was doing crossfit 2 times a week) and we spent our days eating take out. I started feeling groggy and energy deprived, and I started putting back some of those pounds I worked so hard to shed. That’s when I decided that the confinement will not break me, and so I began working out form home & concocting home made meals.

As June rolled in & Summer began in Toronto, I still didn’t feel like I have achieved the goals I set out for myself, so I decided to try something different. I’ve heard lots of great things about juice cleanses, but never actually tried one myself. Therefore, as the opportunity to partner with Dose presented itself, I was happy to jump on a new journey towards healthier living [#Dose_Partner].

Dose is a Montreal-based organic cold-pressed juice company and their values align with mine, as they focus on health, local economy, entrepreneurship & the environment. The juices are delivered fresh in refrigerated boxes, which ensures that all the nutrients are preserved during transport. You get to choose when & where you’d like to get them delivered – I got mine delivered straight to my condo, and they arrived precisely on Thursday, so that I could pack up my fridge & be ready to get started on Monday. Does makes juices, smoothing & nut milks which are 100% organic – free from pesticides & other harmful chemicals. There is no sugar added and no preservatives, however their sealing technique allows their juices to stay fresh for up to 30 days!

They have three type of cleanses: Beginner, Intermediate & Expert. You can choose 1-day, 3-days or 5-days packages. Since I never tried a cleanse before, I was hesitating between the Beginner & Intermediate packages. However, I had done 3 day long water fasts before, so I was up for the challenge to try the Intermediate 5 days cleanse– each day consisting of 10 bottles: 7 juices & 3 smoothies, for a total of 50 bottles during the entire cleanse.

Allow me to walk you through my journey & how I felt on Day 1, Day 3 & Day 5.

Pre-cleanse: I stopped drinking coffee and alcohol the weekend before the cleanse & ate clean. I usually drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day and I haven’t stopped in years, so the caffeine withdrawal was not easy. I got a major headache on Sunday, which was expected as my body was starting to rebel against the caffein deprivation, but I was not about to give up & I knew that it was a short lived situation, which would get better in 2-3 days.

Day 1 of the Dose Juice Cleanse (Monday):

I was eager and excited to start the process of Day1! I was surprised how satiated I was during the day after drinking each bottle. I was full of energy and didn’t feel like there were any downs in my day. The headache from the caffeine withdrawal was going strong, but I ignored it and went to bed early. I literally passed out within 5 mins of shutting my eyes and it was probably the best sleep I had in days, as I woke up the next day without the headache, feeling rejuvenated & de-bloated with a much flatter stomach. The Dose juices proved to be delicious, with my favourites being the Tango & Samba:

As for the “healthiest” juice, according to me was the Yogi – which was basically like drinking a salad :) It contains: cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, parsley, ginger & chlorophyll, and it’s jam packed with nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium & Iron!

Day 3 of the Dose Juice Cleanse (Wednesday):

I got a massage the day before which was recommended by the guide provided by Dose to help further eliminate toxins from the body. So I woke up without any tension in my neck or shoulders and 4 lbs lighter! Of course, losing weight to get back to my normal weight was not the sole purpose of doing this cleanse, I also wanted to give my digestive system a boost, my immune system a helping hand & my energy levels to increase. So far, the cleanse has been checking off all the boxes on my list! I was still feeling completely full from the juices, and I started craving food. But, to my dismay, I was not craving burgers, chips and cookies, but rather salad wraps, salads & nuts.

Post Day 5 of the Dose Juice Cleanse (Saturday):

Friday (Day 5 – final day of the cleanse), I started to crave food real bad, and I was looking forward to a healthy meal! This cleanse seemed to have developed in me a new found appreciation for healthier options & smaller portions. My body has been transformed by this cleanse inside & out! On the outside, I lost a total of 6lbs & my skin looks more smooth & plump. From the inside, I felt energized and extremely content & proud for sticking it out for 5 days! I will use this momentum and build upon this week to instil healthier habits in my life as I ease into the post-cleanse week.

I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle and I will definitely do it again in a couple of weeks!

If you guys would like to give the cleanse a try or if you’d like to try any of the Dose juices, head over to & use my promo code: WRKCHX15 to get 15 % off – Cheers!