Let’s face it, our bodies were not built to sit all day, they were built to hunt for food. But, society has changed and so have our lifestyles. With the introduction of an “office” job (& great TV shows), came back problems! As it turns out, I am a victim of an office job (& a fan of a few TV shows). I park myself at my computer for most of the day (+ an hour of TV) and it’s starting to cause some issues – not major at this point, but could become quite significant if not addressed immediately. My physio gave me a copy of the image above – it’s an interesting short article about the dangers of sitting – yes, dangers! It’s worth the read, trust me.

Here’s my advice:

1-Read the article

2-Get scared – it will help you take action (lol)

3-Schedule some movement into your day! Stretch, do some short exercises throughout the day, or walk over to the office next door for a chat with your colleague ;)…you know, simple stuff.

4-As the article say: it you’re going to sit, do it right!

Let’s do this!

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