It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….and this year must be some sort of record for me. I never finished decorating my house before December (I’m usually more of a ‘oh tomorrow is Christmas’ kind of person during this time of the year since I’m so busy)! I think the reason why it happened so early is that I found a lot of adorable Chrismtas home decor pieces at Indigo and I was really excited to combine them with my exisitng pieces. My style is modren & chic with a combination of white, gold & silver, which goes perfectly with my frosted Christmas tree. Indigo has always been my go to store for books (I love to read), home decor & gifts! It also hold a special place in my heart b/c I used to study at their cafe in the downtown location everyday during my McGill University days! Every year they deliver an amazing collection and this year is no different. Here are some of my favorite pieces of Christmas home decor:
Christmas ornaments: When it comes to ornaments, I like to choose pieces that are different and unique. Of course, they also need to match my style & color combination. So, every year I collect a couple of pieces I stumble upon and fall in love with. Here are some of my favorties from Indigo: 1- Gold gilded pineapple :I’m a bit obessed with pineapples, which you probably already know, so when I saw this ornament, I just had to have it;2- Glass balloon: I must admit this was the ornament that I noticed 1st, even before the pineapple b/c it was so original and even though it has a bit more color to it than the simple white/silver/gold, it was gold enough to make the cut; 3- Pinecone time capsule:This one is extra special, b/c aside from being beautiful, it opens up and becomes a hiding spot!

Holiday accessories: It was a difficult choice between all the adorable snow globes but I finally decided on this gold Joy snow globe. I always loved snow globes but I never actually had one, so this one is really special to me. I think it fits perfectly with the rest of my Christmas home decor. When you shake it, the gold and colored flakes dazzle & it plays “Minuet No. 3” by Bach. I had some friends over this weekend and already got tons of compliments on this piece! 

Cookies: There is no Christmas without Christmas cookies and to match my home decor, Yum Creations fashioned these adorable personalized cookies for me! Laura is so extremely talented! I just showed her my decor and she knew exactly what to create. They were so cute that my husband and I almost felt bad eating them but we just had to give them a try. They were as delicious as they looked: fresh & buttery!

Decorative pillows: Indigo has decorative pillows to fit every style honestly. Whether it’s a chalet look or a modern look, they have a pillow for you I’m sure! Life is a Party pillow cover matched my decor the best. It’s a 18″X18″ cover only, insert not included, but it’s so easy to slip it on top of another pillow instead of dumping it in storage. So, my Thanksgiving Pillow became my Christmas pillow :)  

Books: Aside from all the home decor, Indigo is of course a book store and they have everything from novels to cookbooks to motiavational books. Personally, I love to receive books b/c I love to read. I try to read 1 book a month at least. Even though I’m super busy, I always try to carve out some time to read! One of the books I received lately is: 101 Truths for a better life. It’s a motivational book that sheds light on things we already know at the core, but it just re-instates it’s importance and helps us reflect on our lives. It gives the confidence we need to change our perception of ourserves and the world. What’s cool about this book is that it’s not in any order so you can open the book at any page and read the short chapter. I think it’s the perfect book for working chix!

Happy Christmas decorating & shopping!!!