If you’re hosting a Christmas dinner party with your girlfriends and you’re looking for some fun activities, here are some ideas! My girlfriends & I had a Secret Santa dinner party this past Saturday and except for eating & drinking, we had loads of fun doing these activities.


Each one of us got a ginger cookie, icing, sprinkles, m&ms and other candies to decorated our cookie. It was really fun and the cookies were really cute and delicious! You can see above the picture of how they turned out :)


Dinner partyIf you’re anything like my friends & I, it’s hard for you to run out of things to talk about. But sometimes, either because you don’t know the people around your table too well, or simply b/c you want to start a conversation that will engage everyone at the table, there is a game I absolutely love: Table Topics. It’s a cube filled with cue cards with various discussion subjects. You can purchase it at the following website: , they have a variety of cubes to chose from! My friend has the dinner party one (featured above), but the others look interesting too. I’m getting this one for myself for Christmas!


giftsIt became tradition now that my girlfriends & I have a Secret Santa gift exchange. This year, my friend Diana found a very sophisticated way to randomly select whom we’ll be buying a gift for in the Secret Santa gift exchange. Since we could not meet up all together before the event, thus we couldn’t pick a name out of a hat, she found a website that randomly assigns you a person & sends you the name via email. The name remains a secret for all those involved! It’s brilliant! Here is the website: This is by far my most favorite activity :)

Hope you girls like the ideas and will try it out this Christmas!

Happy Holidays my loves, xoxo