You likely know Ikanos as a greek and mediterranean tapas bar located in the heart of the Old Port. But did you know they now serve an “out of this world” brunch?! Whether you’re health conscious or a gourmand (like moi!), whether you prefer sweet or salty, or whether you like things simple or with a cultural spin – there is something here for everyone! The dishes are big, but meant to be shared for the ultimate family & friends experience. Also, let’s face it, when we get to brunch, we have the same dillema: salty or sweet? I say: both! So, with this sharing concept, you get to have it all. The service at the restaurant is quick & extremely friendly – 5 star experience. Here is what I tried:

Panna cotta (featured on top): Orange blossom yogurt panna cotta, citrus salad & granola – Perfection! The sweetness of the panna cotta is perfectly balanced with the sourness of the fruits and the granola adds that touch of crunchiness. This was definitely one of my favorite dishes! Loved the flavor & the presentation of this dish.

French toasts: Homemade spiced brioche bread French toast, mountain tea and ‘Attiki’ honey yogurt, candy walnuts and almonds – Yum! If you have a sweet tooth, this is the dish for you. The flavors of this homemade brioche are mouthwatering. The candy walnuts add an additional layer of sweetness, which again is balanced out with the sourness of the yogurt as dip on the side.

Omlette:  Runny omelette, grilled bacon, leeks, mozzarella di Buffala, grilled maitake mushrooms, porcini dressing and parmesan cheese – Ultimate dish! This was my favorite dish out of the salty ones. The omlette was perfectly stuffed with the right ingredients, the mushrooms had a light smokey flavor, and the homemade bread sticks were the perfect touch. This is a huge dish, definitely very filling and nutritional – perfect for the health concious brunch(er) – did I just invent a word?

Tyropita: Feta puff pastry, honey, sesame seeds, beet and pear salad, lemon & prosciutto – Cultural twist! Ikanos being a greek restaurant had to add a little cultural spin on at least one of their brunch dishes and I must admit, they nailed it! In terms of flavor and texture, this is a fascinating dish. It was the manager’s recommendation, and I am really glad I tried it! The puff pastry simply melts in your mouth & the prociutto is the perfect complement to the feta filling. Definitely a must at Ikanos!

Location: 112 McGill, suite #1, Montréal, Québec



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