Labour Day is upon us, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to put those summer vacation memories aside and head ‘Back to Work’. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already started organizing your Fall wardrobe and your home. But, there is one important element that we tend to underestimate in our preparations and that is the power of a good night’s sleep!

Being well rested can help us get back to the grid and it gives us the energy & determination to power through. Now, many experts disagree on the actual number of hours we should sleep, with estimates ranging between 6-9 hours. So, I decided to put these theories to the test! For a couple of weeks, I tried to sleep only 5-6 hours. This was not hard with so many good shows to binge on Netflix… The result was as expected: I was extremely exhausted, sluggish & grumpy! I had a hard time with keeping my eyelids open and I had to literally slide out of bed and crawl to the bathroom in order to take a shower that would finally wake me up a bit. The rest of the day was not any better, I had no energy. The next couple of weeks, I decided to go to the other extreme and sleep for 9 hours. Surprisingly, this had almost the same effect as sleeping 5-6 hours – I was exhausted. Which was clear to me that I had over slept!

Finally, I decided to give that magic 8 hours a try and…BINGO. Now, I would be lying if I said that I sprung out of bed bursting with energy, but it was easier to get out of bed, I woke up quicker and I was much more energetic and productive throughout the day. I know now that 8 hours of sleep for me works, but you should try for yourself to determine what works for you!

Having that figured out, now you need to make sure you have the right mattress to sleep on. If your mattress is uncomfortable and gives you back pains, it may be time to shop for a new one! My mattress definitely needed to be upgraded and I’ve been doing my research when I fell upon Polysleep – a Montreal based company. I love supporting local companies, and when I learnt that all of their products are developed and made in Canada, I was sold on partnering with them! They gifted me this Polysleep mattress – in size Queen (value: $850), and here is why I love it so much!

First of all, I love that you can purchase this mattress online & it ships straight to your door in a box for free! It’s so much more convenient then having to schedule a delivery with the store, which usually happens during work hours, so you need to take time off work to stay home & wait for delivery guys to bring it in and set it up as those mattresses are usually bulky & hard to handle. I know my last mattress was – just to bring it out of the bedroom was quite a manoeuvre and it required both me and my husband to lift and pivot until it was passed the door!

The Polysleep mattress is compressed in the box, so it’s easy to handle and unbox! I actually unboxed it & set it up in the bedroom all by myself! Aside from the convenience factor, this mattress is ultra comfortable. The top layer is made with open-cell premium hybrid foam which is breathable & highly supportive. It reduces pressure points and there is no motion transfer, which was key for us, since my husband is a light sleeper and I often wake him up when I move around in my sleep. The mesh cover and ventilated hybrid foam helps to regulate body temperature, so that you’re not freezing at night when it’s cold or contrarily not sweating bullets when it’s hot. Finally, the certified antimicrobial foam protects against allergies & increases the mattress’ lifespan, so that you can keep loving it for years to come! Here is a technical chart curtesy of Polysleep to help you better understand the layer composition:

I think that the quality of the mattress is amazing for the price. The Queen is $850 and you can get 15% off with my code: WORKINGCHIX – click here to shop. And if you don’t love it, you have the option to return it after your 100 night risk free trial! To help you make your decision, here is a link to a quick comparison between competitors: Enjoy!

Happy shopping & have a great Back to Work chix!