I’ve packed & re-packed my lauggage 5 times in the past week to ensure that I have everything I need and nothing more- b/c let’s face it, it’s Europe – I will do some shopping and even though I already have plans for my husband’s lauggage on the way back, I need to make sure I have the space for all the dammage ;) I took out some things & added others, but these 7 items remained at every re-shuffle, b/c well, they’re essential! What are yours?

#1: Cross body bag: Comfort & convienience – those are the two words I live by on vacation. A cross body bag is exaxctly that! It’s light, easy to carry, liberates your hands and still fits in all the essentials. This is my latest fave: KENDALL+KYLIE Lucie Lips Crossbody bag (exclusively available at Indigo)!

#2: PJ set: After all that walking & shopping, a girl’s gotta rest! I never forget a good set of pj’s on the road. Loving these little brunch cuties from La Vie En Rose “Save Water Drink Champagne” – wise words!

#3: Sneakers: If you like to explore the citites you visit, you need some walking shoes! I always bring 2-3 pairs of sneakers with me! Love sneakers that are breathable and that go with everything, like these Vans Autentic ones! 

#4: Toothbrush: DUH, but not any kind of toothbrush: The Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush! It cleans, removes plaque & whitens at the same time with it’s 5 modes & it charges right inside the glass little cup that it comes with – I’m in love. I seriously never believed in electronic toothbrushes until I tried this one! 

#5: Headphones: Fun, but icky fact: Did you know that the reason that airlines collect the earphones they lend to you, is because they re-package & re-use them? Yep, true story. So, I travel with my own headphones and I’m in love with these white/rose gold FRENDS noise cancelling ones! 

#6: A good moisturiser: Whether it’s at home, or on the go, I’m constantly hydrating my skin! Recently I discovered the Declor line and I’m loving all of their products! This ultra hydrating face & body creams by Declor are availble at Scarlet & Julia!

#7: (Last but not least) A game! I love airports & airplanes, but sometimes it can get a bit boring when you’re waiting for hours. So, I always take a deck of cards or a fun game with me. This time, I took Totem: the feel good game with me. It’s a very special game, where the players attribute to others 2 cards: a quality& an animal representing the other person’s strenghts. It’s a very emotionally charged game – in a good way! The 1st time I played the game with total strangers, it got me quite emotional. I didn’t think I could evoke such an impression on the 1st time I met someone. These are the cards I was given during the game: Nightingale & Optimistic. Honestly, an amazing game to play with family & friends or even with collegues as a team builing activity – that is what I’m planning to do on the way back from my trip! Try it, you won’t regret!