A perfectly tailored suit commands power & respect in the workplace, but it can also be a bold fashion statement. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect #girlboss outfit! Contrary to the traditional idea of the suit being boring (thinking over-sized black pants & huge shoulder pads with no structure), the fashion industry has been perfecting the image of the suit by introducing bold colors (like this red suit), prints & patterns, as well as modern details such refined trims (eg. big white buttons) and updated hardware (eg. belts & buckles). The over-sized blazer has taken its place in the fashion world, which can be paired with the matching pants, but also goes perfectly with jeans – thus adding a ton of versatility to the wardrobe!

When you apply to a new job, regardless of the work dress code (professional or casual), you always gravitate towards a suit, or at least a blazer, and that is no coincidence. Wearing a power suit makes you feel exactly that: empowered. You feel more confident in your answers & you carry yourself taller.

Here are 3 things to look for when shopping for a blazer:

1– Fit: Make sure the blazer hits you at the shoulders and that you’re able to button it up! If you want to go for an over-sized look, go up a size, but make sure that you’re not drowning in the blazer.

2- Quality: Check the material composition, you don’t want something that will get wrinkled & ruined after 2 washes. Try opting for a blend of fabrics (if the blend includes natural fibers such as cotton, silk, cashmere – that’s definitely a bonus, but more expensive)

3-Matching capabilities: Pick something that complements your wardrobe! Neutral colors go with everything so you can’t go wrong with colors such as black, grey, white or tan. However, you can also opt for fun colors like red and yellow as they go perfectly with a white tee and jeans!

If you’re not a fan of the traditional blazer + pants, you can opt for a skirt or shorts! Now, it may feel like summer is light years from now, given how ridiculously cold it was been in Toronto, but it’s coming I promise (haha)! My favorite red suit + shorts combo is this Nicholas red suiting blazer & the matching Nicholas high waited shorts !!! In terms of accessories, a cream or tan bag is the best match with a red suit – mine is from Zac Posen ! Of course, those colors are neutrals so they can be paired with any other outfit- great bang for your buck!

Happy suit shopping #bossbabes!