Can Paris be more picture perfect? From residential homes to the main landmarks, the entire city is like a post card. I’ve been taking photos for the blog for a couple of years now, and if there is one thing that never fails is a good backdrop. There is no arguing that the Arc de Triomphe is both Instagrammable and surreal at the same time. Perfectly located at the edge to the Champs Eyssees, its size is both imposing and mesmerizing. Even though I have grown used to seeing it daily since our hotel was on the same street, it still takes my breath away every time I glance at it. I don’t know about you, but I always ask myself, how did they built such beautiful things in the past without heavy machinery we have today? It’s truly exceptional!

I purposely chose my hotel to be near the Champs Elysses, partly to be close to the action (and shopping, wink wink), and partly b/c a lot of the Paris Couture Week shows were located near this infamous street. A lot of them were actually walking distance so I was able to stroll down the Champs Elyssees at ease in this Melanie Lyne ensemble!

*Sponsored* For my second Paris Couture Week outfit, I went with this gorgeous Melanie Lyne green chiffon wrap blouse & white trousers. Stripes, wrap blouses and whites are huge trends this season & green blends so well with white, don’t you think? I found this outfit to be sophisticated and polished and I accessorized it accordingly with mule stilettos, a classic Chanel bag, a Celine necklace with my initial and of course barrettes! Ever since I chopped off my hair, I’ve been obsessed with barrettes and been wearing the on repeat.

Two piece outfits are my favourites, as they can be easily be broken down & mixed and matched with other pieces in my wardrobe, thus creating endless possibilities. You could pair the blouse with shorts or a skirt and white trousers could be paired with pretty much any top you like! I could not have been more French in this outfit if I tried ;) Perfection!