This is a story about my work from home uniform: why I prefer it over PJs and why you should consider it too! Once upon a time, life has come to a halt and a large amount of people started working from home. At 1st, the idea of getting out of bed a 9am and sinking into our home office chairs with a cup of coffee in hand while wearing PJs seemed like a gift sent from heaven.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love working from home: I’m much more productive (less interruptions and meetings), I can focus better and more effectively & I plan my day to ensure everything gets done efficiently. Given that there is no commute, there is simply more time to plan out the day and fit in things like fitness & healthy food prep! Also, the idea of snacking on whatever you want, whenever you want, making 3rd & 4th cups of coffee (or tea, do you girl), bothering your new co-workers (spouses, siblings or parents) throughout the day, taking a break when you need a breather after that very very demanding meeting… it’s all silver lining! BUT, working in PJs, as comfy as it sounds, gets old very quick and makes you feel sluggish & demotivated.

Like anything in life, it’s all about structure & building the right habits. The action of taking a shower & getting ready for the day puts you in the right mindset & essentially makes you more productive. Now, I’m not saying that you need to put on a rigid suit, you can still be comfortable by wearing my work from home uniform: a pair of soft shorts & a blazer, or by creating your own WFH uniform like a t-shirt & jeans!

I’m not perfect with this theory, I’m human after all. Every now and then, there is a fire to put out as soon as I wake up and check my e-mails and start working in my PJs. As soon as the fire is put out or I have my team on it, I hop into the shower & put on my work from home uniform (better late than never)! What’s your WFH uniform? Comment below or send me a DM – would love to hear all about it!