Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – it’s more than a date on the calendar, it’s a celebration of unconditional love, selflessness & devotion. It’s the late nights & early mornings, it’s the life lessons, it’s the comfort in times of need, it’s the shoulder to cry on, it’s the support when faced with challenges, it’s the memories & the endless laughs. That is what this day represents to me, that and a million more things that I am grateful to my mom for. Therefore each year, I find an activity or a special gift that I know she will appreciate that will show that I am thinking of her & that she means the world to me. This year, I’ve partnered with la Vie en Rose to offer my mom a set from their Mother’s Day Collection & a mother/daughter photo shoot that she can cherish forever.

I picked matching sets in color blue/white stripes & dragonflies for an extra level of cuteness! The color is also perfect for Spring, so it was a great added bonus. For my mom, I picked the super soft button down shirt, the super soft straight leg pants & white pompom slippers. For myself, I picked the same shirt & slippers, but opted for the super soft shorts for the bottom – I think it’s great for Spring/Summer. We both loved our sets and found them to be exactly as described: ultra soft, ultra stretchy & comfortable. The fabric is thin with a peach skin effect on the surface; we just want to live in them!

If stripes is not your thing, la Vie en Rose has a lot of other pieces and sets, as well as various colors to pick from that your mom will surely love. Below are some of my favorites from the collection.

la vie en rose

I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with love, tenderness & laughter! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!